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This post will be about my thoughts on Extras. Note: this is a HUGE spoiler warning. If you haven’t read the book yet, don’t read this page.

 Tally + David: I thought Tally and David would be together forever since Uglies. This wasn’t true when Zane came into play. I liked David better and I always will.

the REAL extras: This caught me off guard. All this time those alien like creatures are the real extras, and we agree with them. I would LOVE to live in space. Sign me up!

Aya’s nose: I have to mention it. On the cover, her nose doesn’t look that big, but to pretty standerds, it’s huge. I like her nose. Good for her for keeping it.

cake: Four words : The cake go boom!

P.S. I was one of those people mentioned in the dedication!

Update: I will post again tomarrow (10/8/07) after 5 pm eastern.



  1. -->> [lily_wa] said,

    Thank you! another david tally shipper.. all my friends make fun of me for saying how perfect tally and david are together. but i never liked zane like i adored david,, he used tally to be bubbly and escape the city in a way. i mean, i still love him, just not as much as david.
    but on the topic of aya’s nose, i really dont think it was that big on the cover. i think it was supposed to be bigger in the story, but that was just a picture.
    and can i just say how ahhh-mazing shay was in extras!? i love her.. “Nanos!!” YESS! i love how they all still think like specials and ayas all “You dont always have to blow stuff up, ya know..” haaha i lauged soo hardd

  2. Lizzy-wa said,

    shoot! i cant read it cause im only on page 123! hey! 123! foolio! yoour blog is wierd. it says your the first post, but yr really not. it did on the other one anywho. and i posted like 3 hours after the first person! i think im gonna make a blog. that would be so FAWSOME!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  3. mandy-wa said,

    is there a book after extras

  4. theprettymindedugly said,

    i’m sorry mandy-wa, but there isnt going to be another one!

  5. theprettymindedugly said,

    sorry lizzy-wa. HURRY UP AND READ THE THING! i read it in two days, and i was taking it slow. 🙂

  6. Sophie-la said,

    Y i no about the nose!!!!!
    but ur blog is really cool!!!!!!!
    u should try to figur out what happened to Ho And Tachs?

  7. theprettymindedugly said,

    sophie-la, someone had to stay in deigo. that is all im gonna say about Ho and Tachs.

  8. Lizzy-wa said,

    im on page 178 now.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

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