Volleyball and Peeps

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 5:41 PM by Amy~la

Well… my volleyball team lost the play-offs. We won’t be going on to the championships. But we still have one more game. Why you may ask? On the 19th, there is a student vs. teacher game. It is the volleyball team vs. a bunch of teachers. The downside… the volleyball coach will be on the teacher team. I think we can still beat them.

 P.S. I lent Peeps to a friend, so I won’t be able to review it just yet.

P.P.S. This is the second friend of mine to read Peeps. It is so happy-making!

P.P.S.S. The other friend is reading The Last Days.


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  1. Maddie said,

    HEY AMY!! Sorry it’s taking so long to read peeps but I’ve just been so busy! Softball, babysitting, and keeping my grades up. Just too much work for me*groan* why did you have to mention the volleyball team losing? That’s just so embarressing! I mean we tried our best didn’t we? Yes and hey we haven’t made it to the playoffs in five years and look where we went we stopped that stupid curse!!! Bwahaha!! WOW DID I TYPE ALL THAT?!! DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE IT! Hahaha but you know me sort of a Ree-dee-dee oh by the way people that is my word I made it!!ggrrrrrrr!! hahahaha. Hey I want to make a blog how do you make one tell me!!!! well I have to go do science homework! That’s right I’m actually doing it! also my sister is bothering me have to go kill her! BYEZZZ!!!

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