Too Many Vampires

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 4:43 PM by Amy~la

It seems that all my friends are reading Vampire novels.

Madeline: Peeps

Rosa: The Last Days

Tessa: some freaky vampire novel not written by Scott. Then she will read the Twilight trilogy

Uhhh… that is it. Ok, not ALL my friends are reading vampire books, but Amanda is reading Uglies.

Of course I have more friends than that. There is Yvonne, Orin, Nathan, Tess, Ashley, Tiffany, Tyler, Sydney, Sam, and many more. (Ok that just sounded like a CD commercial. You know the ones I’m talkin about, it has this, this, this, this, AND MANY MORE!)

P.S. I got all A’s on my report card!



  1. Isabella said,

    Peeps and The Last Days were all awesome books 🙂 The Twilight series are pretty good too… Breaking Dawn isn’t going to come out until next fall!! 😦
    Blue Bloods/Masquerade (Melissa de la Cruz) are also pretty good vampire books.
    Congrats on the straight A’s!

  2. theprettymindedugly said,

    i know peeps and the last days are fawesome, and so are the twilight books, but there are too many vampire novels. breaking dawn needs to come out soon! i like the vampire novels that arent true vampires. peeps and the last days are about a disease and twilight/new moon/eclipse are about well… they arent like dracula is what i am saying.

  3. Hey! I’m also reading twilight…wait I finished that well I’m waiting for the next also I like this anime called chibi VAMPIRE IT’S SPANDULA!!! Well I’m going skating see ya P.S I’ll put that thing rosa made on my site when I get back

  4. Ashley-wa said,

    *gasp* the vampire novel is not freaky!!! I just read Twilight and it’s great!!! and ya know how my mom got me extras but i borrowed yours so now she has to sell it….I borrowed the next book called New Moon from Tessa (2nd book in the twilight series) and my mom just bought me that so now I have to wait until Christmas to read it when I found that out….hahaha….I hope she doesn’t get me Eclipse!!!XD…

  5. Amy-la said,

    ashley, i love vampires too, but enough is enough

  6. Ashley-wa said,

    yeah i know…T.T…tessa loves them…so do i…but heck…i never get tired of anything very easily!!XD

  7. Amy-la said,

    hey ashley-wa

  8. Ashley-wa said,

    hi amy-ka!^^ i’m leaving tomorrow morning…(by atleast 5)….i misses joo already…tell rosa and maddie i said bye too!!!

  9. Ashley-wa said,

    …i meant amy-la…not ka….*giggles*

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