How I Found Uglies

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 10:32 PM by Amy~la

I would be in a store, looking at books, trying to see what book(s) to read next. I would see the book Ugliesand be like “It’s just about this school where everyone is marked Ugly or Pretty, and this is the story about the uglies.” So I was like “No thanks.” Then in seventh grade, the book fair was going on. We had to watch this DUMB movie about the books in the fair. I wasn’t really paying attention when I hear something about this girl named Tally and this operation you get when you are sixteen. I was like “I have to have this book!” I go to the book fair the next day, and see the book described by the video. Uglies, I need to get Uglies. I then see another book right next to it, Pretties. I get both. I read them in about three days. I see that there is another book called Specials. I HAVE to get this book! A week later, I go to the book store. they don’t have it. I go to another book store. “What was the author’s name? Was it Scott Westerfeld?” “I found it!” I buy it. I see that he has a web site (www.scottwesterfeld.com). I go there, and read the post and comment about them. I find out about Extras. I HAVE to get it. OCTOBER 2ND???? It’s only June! Hey, he has other books. How about those Midnighters books, or Peeps? Yeah, I’ll read those. I get all four for my birthday. I read Peeps in less than a day. I read the Midnighters book in a week. Now what? Hey, The Last Days, that look interesting. So I read that. It still isn’t October. Then I find out about the sampler. I try to win every day. I was in the group The Obsessed Refreshers. We even started a chat room. (we should do that again.) Then the contest is postponed. Then it is October 2nd. I go to my volleyball game. My mom comes, I ask her if she got the book. She said that she knew she forgot to do something. I tell Madeline that my mom forgot it. (I was obsessing over the book for a wwek and Madeline was so tired of me repeating over and over again Extras Extras Extras Extras…) Then I go back to my mom, and she pulls it out. I was so mad, and excited at the same time. Then I read Extras in two days. Now all I have to do is find So Yesterday. Every time I go to the book store to see if they have it, they don’t. I’m hoping that this year’s book fair will have it. (It is next week.)

 P.S. Sorry for the last two posts. I couldn’t think of anything to write about. I’m also sorry that this post is so long. It’s the longest one I’ve ever written.


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