Page 394 Challange

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 10:36 PM by Amy~la

Get the five biggest books closest to you (Harry Potter doesn’t count).  Grab one and turn to page 394. Get the second sentence off that page. Write it down. Do the same with the other four books. Then create a story (more than 100 words) with those five sentences. Once it is completed, type it in the comments of THIS POST ONLY. I will then pick two winners. (One for each of my blogs).

Good luck…

P.S. Try not to use a Scott Westerfeld book. And try to make the books from different authors.

P.S.S. First write the sentences and the book they are in, and THEN type your story. Thanks a bunch!

Update: No one has entered. Are you guys chicken?


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  1. ..or noone is actually reading your post. 🙂

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