Extras: The Beginning

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 11:54 PM by Amy~la

So, who loved the chapter of Extras before Aya was the main character (Hiro is in this version) , before it was set in Japan (it was Thailand), before Hiro had a sister, before Hiro’s last name was Fuse (it was Torrent), before it was face-rank (it was face-count), before Hiro was a kicker (he was a hoverball player), before Hiro was Hiro-sensi (or before he was famous), before October 2nd (early January).

I know I loved it. Did you?



  1. Lizzy-wa said,

    i loved it. i tried the 394 challenge, but the story stinked. i coudnt put it on here. too shame-making. about donkeys and magic and goblins and whales. very spooky-making.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😉

  2. Amy-la said,

    put it here anyway

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