Posted in Stuff n Junk at 7:36 AM by Amy~la

Happy Halloween! 😈



  1. Lizzy-wa said,

    heh heh heh. no wait. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ok. thats better. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! 😈

    watcha gonna be…im gonna be a SPECIAL. today i was gonna dress up at school. but i only had time to make one crash bracelet, and i couldn’t figure out how to do flash tattoos. i mean, i got it all figured out now, but i didn’t at 5:30 this morning when i woke up. so i went to school as Tally-wa rite after she gets caught and she has an interface cuff. then i wore this really shmancy shirt. yepyepyep. hehe.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  2. Amy-la said,

    my school doesnt let us dress up. its really sad-making. but what i did was wear a black shirt and fish net gloves.

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