Two Months

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On December 7th, my blog will celebrate its two month birthday/anniversary (which ever one you like better). We are gonna have a party in its honor. All next month (starting tomorrow) the first commenter will get something special e-mailed to them. Doesn’t that sound exciting?




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I love the new backround. I now get to write in white!



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Yes, this is still the same website, I just changed it. I was bored of the old theme. (If you like the old one better, please tell me.)

Leaked 24 Trailer

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Ok, this is not the real trailer, and I don’t even watch this show, but it is so funny. To see more LOLcats, go to http://icanhascheezburger.com.


Potter Puppet Pals (part 2)

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As you may or may not have seen, there is a video of potter puppet pals made up of a lot of people. This is part 2.

if you want to send your own video, here is the link:



New About Page

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I updated the About page! It is now in the form of a script. There are a few familiar names in it (like Lizzy-wa and Bri-la) and even people getting hit on the head! Ohh! There is even a cool effect with colors! Whoo! Go see it now!


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 I found these questions on Scott’s site. Please answer them. (My answers are in the [ ]. )

1. Have you ever had a friend like Peris, who abandoned your friendship after they moved away? [I was Peris. I moved to Georgia from North Carolina. I had a best friend that I talked to the whole trip down here. Now, it’s been about two and a half years since we’ve talked]

2. At first, did you hope Tally would get the operation? When did you change your mind? (Or did you?) [I did hope Tally would turn pretty. That was the only thing she wanted, so I wanted it to come true. I changed my mind when I found out about the lesions.]

3. Have you ever found yourself trusting someone more or paying more attention to what they said not because they deserved it, but just because of their looks? [Uhh… no. All the “pretty” girls at my school are total snobs.]

4. In what ways did Tally’s trip through the wild prepare her for what she learned in the Smoke? [She learned not to judge a book by its cover.]

5. Would you give up your ability to think independently in exchange for being happy, beautiful, perpetually healthy, and rich? [Never, I want the extra life. I wanna live in space.]

6. How did David see Tally differently than she saw herself? [David saw Tally as “pretty”]

7. If Shay could have gone back in time and never have met Tally, do you think she would? [No because even though they have had ups and downs, they are still friends. (going into Pretties, Specials, and Extras now) Even though Tally stole Shay’s “man, Tally wouldn’t share the pills with Shay, Shay became a cutter, Shay turned Tally into a special, Tally and Shay almost got killed in the armory, Tally left Shay in Diego, Shay stayed in Diego for a couple of years while Tally and David travel the world to be the new Special Circumstances, Shay and Tally being chased and captured by extras, and Tally wearing a dress… hmm.. that sound bad when you lump it all together. But Shay wouldn’t turn back time because Shay lives for adventure, and that’s what Tally brought. They make a good team. Wow that was a long answer…]

8. Other than the pretty operation, what are the main differences between the pretty society and our own? (Are there any ways in which the pretty society is healthier than ours?) [They have a fixed population, no oil, no polution, and all that good stuff. The pretty society would actually be a plus, excep all those specials chaing you and the face that you lose who you are.]

9. To what extent did Tally decide her own fate, and how much did other people decide it for her?  [She offered to be the one to take the pills. (Going into Pretties, Specials and Extras now…) But she was forced to become a special, and to wear that dress at the party. Come on, Tally in a dress!]

10. The Rusty civilization collapsed because of its dependence on oil. In what ways is your lifestyle dependent on oil and gasoline? How easily would you survive if it all disappeared one day? [Uh, well, there is a bunch of stuff. Cars (duh!), the barbeque grill my dad has, and (did you know this?) pens have oil in them. Yep, pens!]


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I love colors. Every post I will write from now on will be in color! This is a major step, like from black and white TV to color. Except it is black font to a bunch of colors. Hmm… well, let’s celebrate this colorific day! Whoo! Whoo! Moo! Moo! Ow! Ow!


Thirteen Icons (3rd post today, wow I’m bored)

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I was messing with my computer, and I just noticed that there are thirteen icons. Whoo! The icons are: Games, Limewire, Internet Explorer, Google Earth, AOL, My Music, MS Office, School Stuff, Fun Stuff, Useless Stuff, Inbox, a folder for Limewire, and the Recycle Bin. As you can tell, I like the word stuff. In case you were wondering why I have Google Earth, it is the new version with sky. You can see stars, galaxies, and other cool stuff in space. That is the only reason I have it. You’re talking to the girl that has a telescope in her room, a picture of the shuttle Endeavour taking off, been to space camp, and did three shuttle simulations. (Even though when I will work for NASA, the shuttle won’t be in use anymore. The shuttles are being retired in 2010.)

May 13, 2005

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I wanted to read the first post of Scott Westerfeld’s blog. I stumbled across this:

John “Father of Lies”Scalzi has promised his AOL minions that if they come to this, my new blog, they will receive ponies and ice cream. But it is not true.


(Amy-la talking now. I added the colors myself. I wanted something a little different this post.)

Potter Puppet Pals

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As many of you know, Potter Puppet Pals is fawesome. Well, StuartZX made a bunch of fool videos, and one day he posted one asking people to send videos to him, to make a giant video. So I did, and he used it! Here it is: (Yes my YouTube account is ThePrettyMindedUgly)


Chapter Seven of Chasing Midnight (my version)

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Chapter 7
Even More Questions

“Nathan, you’re a werewolf!” Nicole stated.
“Tell me something I don’t know.”
“But… how?”
“Have you met Jessica yet?”
“How do you know Jessica?”
“Kaye told me.”
“But what does Jessica have to do with you being a werewolf?”
“You know about darklings then.”
“No, Jessica only told me about midnight falling apart and Jonathan.”
“Ok, well, darklings are the creatures that created midnight. The used to live in normal time, but they were hunted and feared. So they created a special hour every night for them to come out. Only people that were born at exactly midnight can roam around the secret hour.”
“So, they don’t sound that bad.”
“Nicole, you don’t get it. They can take the form of your worst nightmare. There was even once a halfling.”
“What’s a halfling?”
“Did Nicole tell you about Rex?”
“She mentioned his name, but that’s it.”
“He was a seer. He could see all the things darklings touched. He could read these symbols that went back centuries. He could do a lot of things. One day, Melissa, did she mention Melissa?”
“No, she didn’t.”
“Well, Melissa was a mindcaster.”
“Like you.”
“What? I’m a mindcaster?”
“That’s what Jessica said.”
“No wonder I could read your mind.”
“Uhh… carry on with the story.”
“Melissa read the mind of a darkling, but it sounded human. Then through a series of details to complicated to go into now, they found a halfling. She was half human, half darkling. She was a seer. The darklings stole Rex, and made him a halfling, but they rescued him before it was too late. The girl that was inside the darkling was about 13 when they took her, 50 years before they took Rex. She was the same age when she died, fifty years later. She only lived one hour a day. That is why she was the same age.”
“Can you tell me how you became a werewolf now?”
“Oh sorry. A darkling turned into a creature that is in my nightmares.”
“What, Kaye?”
“NO! A werewolf. The darkling bit me, and ta-da! I turned into a darkling werewolf. I change into my wolf form every time it is midnight.”

Amy-la talking now. Whoo! This is the longest chapter ever!!! Party Time! Now Nicole has some background on what happened in Bixby. Nicole was joking when she said Kaye was the thing in Nathan’s nightmares. Remember in the second chapter when it said “he also heard something he wasn’t suppost to hear.”? Well, you will find out what that is next time the trio of midnighters go to school.



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Ok, you all know Nathan as the boy in Chasing Midnight (my version). Well, I have a friend named Nathan, and despite what a lot of people think, we are just friends. Now, I told Nathan to read my story, and he did. I arrive at school today, and Nathan didn’t like the face that the character I modeled after him and the character I modeled after myself like each other. So, for Nathan, the story is going in a new direction, that is similar to the old one, but Nathan doesn’t like Nicole. To see what will change, please continue reading. I will try to post more of Chasing Midnight during the Thanksgiving break.



Chapter Six of Chasing Midnight (my version)

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Chapter 6
Nathan the… Werewolf???

“Kaye, do you know where to find Nathan?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah! You forgot the time I egged his house on Halloween.”

“That was funny! Now on to serious things, let’s go to Nathan’s house.”

They flew to Nathan’s house. Nathan was no where to be seen. The checked the woods near Nathan’s house.  They couldn’t see a single thing that was moving. All the animals were frozen. They were about to leave when they saw something move.

“Nathan?” Nicole asked, “Is that you?”

The thing howled.

“I don’t think that’s Nathan, Nicole.”

“But, that thing is clearly not frozen, it has to be Nathan. I don’t think animals can be midnighters.”

“Nicole, as long as it was born at midnight, it could be a midnighter.”

“But, then where is Nathan?”

“I don’t know, but we have to get out of here, before it sees us.”

At that moment, the animal turned around and saw the two girls. Nicole was about to run away, when Kaye took her hand and flew away. They landed on top of Nathan’s house.

“We have to go back Kaye.”

“No way! That thing could have eaten us!”
”Didn’t you see? It was in pain, we have to go back!”

“I’m going to Jessica; you can go see your beast.”

“At least let me off the house.”


Nicole was walking back into the woods as Kaye flew away. Nicole saw the “beast” after a minute.

“Please, don’t howl, I’m here to help you.”

The animal did as she said.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? You have bite marks! What bit you?”

Then midnight ended. The beast transformed into Nathan.


Amy-la talking now.  I finally put a werewolf in my story! Hmm… a midnighter darkiling mindcaster werewolf. Who else thinks this won’t end well? And yes, this is the longest chapter I’ve written.


The Tobi

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My friends call me The Tobi (don’t ask) and I found this on Madeline’s web site:

Name: THE Tobi

Age: Not sure

Occupation: Katana and Hiroko’s friend; helps out on the site

Fav. Music: Something cool

Fav. Book: EXTRAS!! EXTRAS!!

Hobbies: Hanging with Hiroko and Katana. Playing Volleyball(season is over). Going to school. Reading things by Scott Westerfeld. And crossing my eyes weird ways to gross Katana out and make Hiroko laugh.

Fav. Tv shows:…I’m a model ya know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk. I SAID THE CATWALK!!*hiroko: That wasnt the question.*

Fav. Games: DDR and other games.

Amy-la talking now, not The Tobi. Anyway, I just wanted to show you that even my school friends know that I am obsessed with Scott Westerfeld’s books! (Yes Orin, there is no I in Westerfeld.) [Orin thought it was Westerfield, it so isn’t!]

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