Chapter 2 of Chasing Midnight (my version)

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Nathan8:00 am

Nicole came to school and walked up to her best friend Nathan.

“I had the weirdest dream last night,” Nicole said, “I dreamt I woke up and walked around the house. For about an hour, everything was blue and it was midnight. My sister was even frozen. Is that a weird dream or what?”

“Yeah.” Nathan had other things on his mind. It’s weird… Columbus, Georgia was getting weirder and weirder. Nathan could have sworn he was reading people’s thoughts.He could hear that Nicole was worried about her geometry test, he could hear that Kaye still thought about her ex, and he could hear a deep, dark secret he wasn’t suppose to hear.

What do you think? Do you like how I made Nathan a mindcaster? There will be more secrets about Nathan later on. The secret Nathan wasn’t suppose to hear was a good one. You’ll find out about it in a later chapter, a really juicy chapter. (P.S. Chapter Four has a familiar name, actually four familiar names, but they aren’t what you think they’ll be.)


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  1. Lizzy-wa said,

    very fawesome.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

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