Chapter Seven of Chasing Midnight (my version)

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Chapter 7
Even More Questions

“Nathan, you’re a werewolf!” Nicole stated.
“Tell me something I don’t know.”
“But… how?”
“Have you met Jessica yet?”
“How do you know Jessica?”
“Kaye told me.”
“But what does Jessica have to do with you being a werewolf?”
“You know about darklings then.”
“No, Jessica only told me about midnight falling apart and Jonathan.”
“Ok, well, darklings are the creatures that created midnight. The used to live in normal time, but they were hunted and feared. So they created a special hour every night for them to come out. Only people that were born at exactly midnight can roam around the secret hour.”
“So, they don’t sound that bad.”
“Nicole, you don’t get it. They can take the form of your worst nightmare. There was even once a halfling.”
“What’s a halfling?”
“Did Nicole tell you about Rex?”
“She mentioned his name, but that’s it.”
“He was a seer. He could see all the things darklings touched. He could read these symbols that went back centuries. He could do a lot of things. One day, Melissa, did she mention Melissa?”
“No, she didn’t.”
“Well, Melissa was a mindcaster.”
“Like you.”
“What? I’m a mindcaster?”
“That’s what Jessica said.”
“No wonder I could read your mind.”
“Uhh… carry on with the story.”
“Melissa read the mind of a darkling, but it sounded human. Then through a series of details to complicated to go into now, they found a halfling. She was half human, half darkling. She was a seer. The darklings stole Rex, and made him a halfling, but they rescued him before it was too late. The girl that was inside the darkling was about 13 when they took her, 50 years before they took Rex. She was the same age when she died, fifty years later. She only lived one hour a day. That is why she was the same age.”
“Can you tell me how you became a werewolf now?”
“Oh sorry. A darkling turned into a creature that is in my nightmares.”
“What, Kaye?”
“NO! A werewolf. The darkling bit me, and ta-da! I turned into a darkling werewolf. I change into my wolf form every time it is midnight.”

Amy-la talking now. Whoo! This is the longest chapter ever!!! Party Time! Now Nicole has some background on what happened in Bixby. Nicole was joking when she said Kaye was the thing in Nathan’s nightmares. Remember in the second chapter when it said “he also heard something he wasn’t suppost to hear.”? Well, you will find out what that is next time the trio of midnighters go to school.


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