Thirteen Icons (3rd post today, wow I’m bored)

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 10:23 PM by Amy~la

I was messing with my computer, and I just noticed that there are thirteen icons. Whoo! The icons are: Games, Limewire, Internet Explorer, Google Earth, AOL, My Music, MS Office, School Stuff, Fun Stuff, Useless Stuff, Inbox, a folder for Limewire, and the Recycle Bin. As you can tell, I like the word stuff. In case you were wondering why I have Google Earth, it is the new version with sky. You can see stars, galaxies, and other cool stuff in space. That is the only reason I have it. You’re talking to the girl that has a telescope in her room, a picture of the shuttle Endeavour taking off, been to space camp, and did three shuttle simulations. (Even though when I will work for NASA, the shuttle won’t be in use anymore. The shuttles are being retired in 2010.)



  1. Lizzy-wa said,

    hehe. like the colors.

    ive always wanted a geeky astronaut friend. hehe.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  2. Amy-la said,

    thanks! the colors took forever.

  3. Amy-la said,

    thanks! the colors took forever.

  4. Bri-la said,

    ya fun colors! space is cool. but its big-ness and confusing/not-knowing-ness bugs me. it makes my head hurt. :dizzy:

  5. taylor-wa said,

    i hate space shuttles: They punch holes in the o-zone and cause it to deplete and the VERY DEADLY UV rays are helping it. By 2010, It will be worse! I will be glad the shuttles retire! 4 EVER! They are going to help kill us! WE WILL DIE BY UV RADIATION! AND GLOBAL WARMING! THEY ARE MAKING GLOBAL WARMING WORSE! UV RAYS>HEATING THE EARTH>MEALTING ICE CAPS> WE R GONA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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