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 I found these questions on Scott’s site. Please answer them. (My answers are in the [ ]. )

1. Have you ever had a friend like Peris, who abandoned your friendship after they moved away? [I was Peris. I moved to Georgia from North Carolina. I had a best friend that I talked to the whole trip down here. Now, it’s been about two and a half years since we’ve talked]

2. At first, did you hope Tally would get the operation? When did you change your mind? (Or did you?) [I did hope Tally would turn pretty. That was the only thing she wanted, so I wanted it to come true. I changed my mind when I found out about the lesions.]

3. Have you ever found yourself trusting someone more or paying more attention to what they said not because they deserved it, but just because of their looks? [Uhh… no. All the “pretty” girls at my school are total snobs.]

4. In what ways did Tally’s trip through the wild prepare her for what she learned in the Smoke? [She learned not to judge a book by its cover.]

5. Would you give up your ability to think independently in exchange for being happy, beautiful, perpetually healthy, and rich? [Never, I want the extra life. I wanna live in space.]

6. How did David see Tally differently than she saw herself? [David saw Tally as “pretty”]

7. If Shay could have gone back in time and never have met Tally, do you think she would? [No because even though they have had ups and downs, they are still friends. (going into Pretties, Specials, and Extras now) Even though Tally stole Shay’s “man, Tally wouldn’t share the pills with Shay, Shay became a cutter, Shay turned Tally into a special, Tally and Shay almost got killed in the armory, Tally left Shay in Diego, Shay stayed in Diego for a couple of years while Tally and David travel the world to be the new Special Circumstances, Shay and Tally being chased and captured by extras, and Tally wearing a dress… hmm.. that sound bad when you lump it all together. But Shay wouldn’t turn back time because Shay lives for adventure, and that’s what Tally brought. They make a good team. Wow that was a long answer…]

8. Other than the pretty operation, what are the main differences between the pretty society and our own? (Are there any ways in which the pretty society is healthier than ours?) [They have a fixed population, no oil, no polution, and all that good stuff. The pretty society would actually be a plus, excep all those specials chaing you and the face that you lose who you are.]

9. To what extent did Tally decide her own fate, and how much did other people decide it for her?  [She offered to be the one to take the pills. (Going into Pretties, Specials and Extras now…) But she was forced to become a special, and to wear that dress at the party. Come on, Tally in a dress!]

10. The Rusty civilization collapsed because of its dependence on oil. In what ways is your lifestyle dependent on oil and gasoline? How easily would you survive if it all disappeared one day? [Uh, well, there is a bunch of stuff. Cars (duh!), the barbeque grill my dad has, and (did you know this?) pens have oil in them. Yep, pens!]



  1. Bri-la said,

    ooo! fun! ok here goes!:
    1. Well, my best friend moved to Minnesota (i live in IL) in third grade, but we stayed sort of in touch at first. even after 5th grade i went up to visit her. but we never emailed or wrote letters or anything, just saw each other once a year. i haven’t seen her in like 3 years tho.

    2. I think i did (its been so long and ive read all the other books now so its hard to remember.) but i was always kind of suspicious because i kinda grew up being told that you should not judge a book by its cover (which i do, actually, when it comes to books), and looks aren’t everything, etc. (Ah the joys of PBS Kids. yes that is ALL i watched when i was little.) I started to change my mind when shay started talking about how she didnt want to change and just progressed after that until i totally hated the operation when David told tally The Truth.

    3. No, all my friends are extremely ugly. heh heh. just kidding. but like i said, i grew up watching PBS and being taught NOT EVER to do that. although, i do fantasize about movie stars (o my gosh, why are you so hot zach efron?…). actually i sometimes do the opposite. i expect people to be jerks if they are extremely pretty/rich/make-uped(?)/designer brand dressed.

    4. It helped her realize that nature doesn’t need an operation to look beautiful, and often the most beautiful things are the most useless (or was that in Specials…)

    5. Probably not. I really like thinking. Its my favorite hobby. But I don’t think everyone would say the same thing, especially if they havn’t read Uglies. Some (very rich, pretty) people dont think for themselves anyway. Some people are too dumb to do so, or their whole lives are controlled by their parents, teachers, friends, etc.

    6. He thought she was pretty and smart and “real.”

    7. I think that depends on if she really thinks that the pluses outweigh the minuses. And even if you asked her personally her answer would be tainted by the many brain operations she’s been through. Still though, she would probably say yes because, had she not been there, Tally would have just become a mindless pretty, Shay herself would be out in the Smoke burning trees and eating rabbits until the Specials found someone else to betray them. I don’t think she would be able to stand letting the world go back to its sick dystopia. Plus, it wasn’t ALL bad.

    8. They are more technologically advanced, and environmentally friendly.

    9. The only thing that Tally really decided was to betray the Smoke, which she was pretty much manipulated into. Everything after that just kinda happened. I guess you could say she chose to give herself up and be turned pretty. and then after specials, she made lots of decisions but not huge ones.

    10. LOTS of stuff, but mostly cars, off the top of my head.

    Wow. that was fun! 😀

  2. tally-wa said,

    I was on Scott’s blog reading the comments and got redirected to your blog. Wicked name, btw.
    prettymindedugly, haha 🙂

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