Worst Idea Ever!

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Disney Channel is running out of ideas. There is going to be a new TV show about these rock stars that fight crime. It gets worse. The three main stars are *drum roll* the Jonas Brothers. The show will be called J.O.N.A.S. Like I said, stupid. It’s Hannah Montana meets Kim Possible. (They are under-cover after all.)



So Yesterday reviewed

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I finished So Yesterday, and I reviewed it on my book review blog. You can see the review here.

No Power

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Today I was listening to my iPod, when the power goes out. I decided to get the portable DVD player, so I can watch Spiderman 3. The battery goes out. Then my sister found the other portable DVD player. We decided to watch Hairspray. (It turns out to be a movie about segregation, I did not know that.) Then my dad, grandpa, and Bobbi (my grandpa’s “lady friend”) decided that we were going to bother my mom at work. We take the DVD player, because what can we do at Honeybaked Ham? (My mom is the manager.) We were in the middle of the movie, when that battery goes down. We plugged in the other battery, and it isn’t charged. Then we plug in the last batter, and that isn’t charged! Then my dad finds a TV with a built in DVD player. (They had power at Honeybaked Ham.) It didn’t work well, so we decided to see what was on TV. (Even though they don’t have cable, and all they have are the networks.) My sister stops at the CW and says, “Ooh! Degrassi!” So we watched that epidode. (Two dudes kissed at the end!) Then my mom was done at work, so we went to Steak N Shake for dinner. (I love their milkshakes! Mmm… chocolate and vanilla side by side! [that means two flavors in one glass]) Then we get home, and the power is on. i decided to watch the rest of Hairspray. Then I pop in Spiderman 3. The power goes out right as Harry attacks Peter! I get a flashlight and start reading So Yesterday. Then I decided to make my shoes do the cool lace thingy. Here is a picture, and yes, those are Heelys!

So Yesterday Shoes


Wikipedia and Levithan

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We all know about Wikipedea (the encyclopedia you can edit!). Well, I was doing some Googling. I wanted more info on the Twilight movie, so I typed in ‘Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.’ I found out that there is a Wikipedia page on her. (I didn’t read it.) Then I was like, “I wonder if scott has a Wikipedia page…” So I Googled ‘Scott Westerfeld.’ I scrooled down, and he does have a Wikipedia page. It can be found here. I read that page and saw a list of all his books. It even had Levithan on the list! It also had the year his books came out. It says Levithan will come out in 2009. (I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!) Anyway, I wanted to learn more about Levithan. I clicked on it,(remember it said it was coming out in 2009) and it said Levithan, 2008. I was like WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! It just said 2009! Which is it, 2008 or 2009? Someone please tell me what year it is coming out! Again, the Wikipedia page can be found here.

P.S. I made the first comment on Scott’s blog!


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Stephanie Meyer is currently working on a new project. I know, I know, everyone knows about Breaking Dawn. I’m not talking about Breaking Dawn… I’m talking about Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun will be in the Twilight series. There will be something familiar about Midnight Sun… like the fact that it is Twilight from Edward’s point of view! For more info on it, go here. For the first chapter of Midnight Sun, go here.


Guy Love

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I love the show Scrubs. One of my favorite episodes is called My Musical. Here is the original version of my favorite song:

Here is another (funny) version:

Here is the Potter Puppet Pals version (that I made):

Anyway, point of the story is that this song is funny.



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Ok, yesterday was Christmas. I could go on and on about what I got, but I don’t want to sound greedy. Instead, I will tell you what I did with some of my gifts. I read the first six chapters of So Yesterday, I saw Pirates of the Carribean at Worlds End for the first time, I ate half a bag of M&M’s, I wore a shirt from Hollister, I’m wearing an I’m an extra shirt, I watched Spiderman 3 on my new DVD player, wore a tiara (it was in my stocking), just put on said tiara, listened to my iPod nano (8 GB), wore my new slippers, and built a working Ferris Wheel out of K’NEX (3 feet tall). I also got a lot more stuff, but I haven’t used them yet (like The Seer by David Stahler Jr. and the Good Charlotte CD)

P.S. Today I woke up, looked outside my window, and the ice cream man was there. IT’S WINTER! THE ICE CREAM MAN SHOULD NOT BE SELLING ICE CREAM IN WINTER

Note: those Twilight pictures, that were in the last post, were found at http://twilightlexicon.com.


More Twilight Pictures

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Chapter 12 of Chasing Midnight (my version) and Chapter 13, together forever! (JK!)

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Chapter 12


8:00 am


That morning, all the midnighters were getting ready for their trip to New York. All except Jessica, of course. Nathan, Robert, Nicole, Kaye, and Jonathan were all on the phone together. (Nathan three-wayed Robert and Nicole, Nicole three-wayed in Kaye, and Kaye three-wayed in Jonathan.) They decided to leave that night at midnight. Jonathan, Jessica, and Robert would fly together, and Kaye, Nathan, and Nicole would fly together. Kaye, Nathan, and Nicole would be ahead of the others. They just prayed that this Scott was a midnighter. The plan was a go; all they had to do was be able to get to New York in time.

Amy-la talking now… that was a short chapter! I will post chapter 13 today too. Or maybe now… here is chapter 13:

Chapter 13




Kaye, Nathan, and Nicole started their trip. They landed in South Carolina to get something to drink, and then they continued with the trip. They hoped that the others were having as much luck as they were. They finally got to New York, but with only a minute of midnight left. They hoped the others weren’t far behind.

“I don’t see anyone.” Said Nicole.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be here.” Said Kaye.

“I’m just gad that I’m only a werewolf in the town I was bitten in.” Said Nathan.

“That is convenient.” Said Nicole. “I just wonder where the others are.”

At that moment, Jessica, Jonathan, and Robert landed in the outskirts of New York. They tried to find the others, but they just couldn’t. Then, midnight ended, and Jessica disappeared. Now they could only walk. Jonathan and Robert were walking into town, hoping they could find the other midnighters with all the stiffs moving again. Robert used the focus to try to find the midnighters. He saw about ten other midnighters, but none of them were Nicole, Kaye, or Nathan. They decided to ask one of the midnighters they found.

“Have you seen other midnighters that just landed into town?” Asked Robert.

“Uhh… yeah. I think the were heading toward my apartment. I’ll take you there.” Said the midnighter.

“Might I ask you your name?” Asked Jonathan.

“Sure. My name is Scott Westerfeld.”

Chapter 11 of Chasing Midnight (my version)

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Chapter 11




“Jessica, is that you?” Asked Jonathan.

“Yes, it’s me.” Replied Jessica.

They asked each other what they have been doing all these years. It turns out that Jonathan, Dess, Rex, and Melissa all moved into different towns. They all were chasing midnight. Jonathan settled here when he noticed that he had an extra hour.

Jessica has been searching for ways to get out of midnight. She has also been searching for Jonathan as he moved around.

“Jonathan, can you please tell us what happened to Dess, Rex, and Melissa?” Asked Nicole.

He told them about how Rex moved to Chicago where he was attacked my darklings and was finally turned into a halfling. By the time the rest of the midnighters heard what happened, it was too late. Melissa moved to New York and she committed suicide because of all the noise. Dess moved all over the place. She stayed about a week in all the new towns with midnight. She died when she was on a rocket to the moon, trying to figure out if the moon had midnight. The rocket exploded on its way up. Before Dess died, she figured out that midnight is now everywhere on Earth.

“Why did Melissa go to New York if she can’t stand crowds?” Asked Jessica.

“She found the address of a man that had all the answers about midnight.”

“Really?!?! What’s his name?”

“Scott something. I forgot his last name.”

“Do you have an address?” Asked Kaye.

“Yeah, Melissa gave it to Rex, who gave it to Dess, who gave it to me. We wanted to get you out of midnight, Jessica.”

“Then let’s go!” Said Nicole.

“Tomorrow… midnight is about to…”

At that moment, midnight ended.

Amy~la talking now. Guess what… this Scott something might be a man we all know. (Yep, I put Scott Brown in the story! JK, I put Scott Westerfeld into the story.)


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I’m going to do something different… talk about Stephanie Meyer’s book Twilightand the movie coming out. Here is a picture for the movie… (the guy played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) I don’t like the actors. My mental picture of Edward was darker… scarier. My mental picture of Bella had light hair and was pretter. In this picture, Bella’s teeth look really bad. At least they kept the print for the title the same, but I was crushed when I saw this picture. I kept on repeating, no no no no no no no no… What do you think?

Bella and Edward


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I was bored, so here is a new layout. I might change it, again, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.


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What is wrong with this picture????




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I am bored, so I will talk in spanish. (try to guess what I am saying)

  • ¿Donde estas su elefante?
  • Su primo es un gato.
  • Odio espano.
  • ¡Boo! ¡Le asusté!
  • Tengo hambre.

Whoo! What did I just say????


Stupid People

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There are some stupid people on Scott’s blog. On the Scott Facts page, people are saying Lizzy-wa needs a life, Scott needs a restraining order against Lizzy-wa, and more evil stuff about Lizzy-wa. These people are stupid. Lizzy-wa is a perfectly normal person, of course I wouldn’t really know because I don’t know her in real life, but I’m sure she is just fine. All I’m saying is that people need to stop judging people they don’t even know (like ?????).

This post is brought to you by the song Break Anotha by Blake Lewis (runner-up on American Idol)

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