Muffins and Teeth

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 5:14 PM by Amy~la

The last winner got an imaginary muffin. Who will win today? I will also try to update Chasing Midnight soon. I know what will happen to Nathan! Whoo! (If you are wondering where all the darklings are, you will find out in the next chapter. So far we heard of one, but where are the others???)

P.S. I got checked out of school today at 3. Which is weird because school ends at 3:330. Anyway, I had to go to the dentsit. It was a routine check up. All the same questions, “How old are you?” “What school do you go to?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” Yep, my dentist person asked me if I had a boyfriend! Weird. Another question they asked me was, “When are you getting your braces.” Duh! After the new year. Anyway… They put this weird stuff on my teeth, and now they feel all bumpy and icky. I also had to miss my NJHS meeting for this.



  1. thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures said,

    Omg i got cheeked out eary too!!!!!!! i got 2 teeth pulled to make room for my braces

  2. thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures said,


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