Chapter Nine of Chasing Midnight (my version)

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Chapter 9

Only One Way



“Jessica, I have an idea to make Nathan stop being a werewolf.”


“He has to come into midnight, like you.”

“But, how? I came in here by touching lightning. Nathan is a mindcaster, not a flamebringer.”

“I guess we need a seer.”

“But who?”

“Nathan did say he heard another midnighter. He is in high school, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

“If he is a seer, he would know all about midnight. Where does he live?”

“Let’s get Kaye first. It’s a long way.”


Nicole and Jessica got Kaye, and they flew to the boy’s house.

“Let’s look in his window.” Suggested Kaye.

Kaye looked into the boy’s window, and saw a redheaded boy reading some made up alphabet.

“Knock on his window.” Suggested Jessica.

Nicole knocked on his window, and he let them into his room.

“Great, the only other midnighters are in middle school. Great.” Said the boy.

“I’m not in school. Maybe the lore has told you about me. My name is Jessica Day.”

“Holy smokes! But, you disappeared seventy years ago!”

“What! Seventy!”

“If you don’t mind me barging in, what is your name?” Asked Nicole.

“My name is Robert. Wait, don’t you guys have a mindcaster?”

“He isn’t here right now. We need to tell you something.” Said Kaye.

The three girls told Robert about how Nathan is a werewolf. They asked him if there were any ways to cure him.

“There is only one way. Well, there are two ways, one involves dying. The other way is to be trapped in midnight.”


Amy-la talking now. So, what do you think? Ohh… a seer has entered the story. (It was going to be Nicole’s sister, but what are the odds?)


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