13 in Extras

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 9:18 AM by Amy~la

I was rereading Extras, and I found out something really cool. I think Scott was trying to put Midnighters into Extras. “Why?” you may ask. Well, Aya lives on the thirteenth floor of her dorm! Wow. That was tricky Scott, only your true fans would catch that, and I mean people that come onto Scott’s blog, not the people that just started the journey into Uglyville. (Like Olyvia)



  1. Dacotah~wa said,

    Your right only a true fan could find that impressive i found it too to bad i dont thinkl i have evere met anybody that has found that!!

  2. Dacotah~wa said,

    Shit typo!!

  3. chanelwa said,

    interesting…i also noticed he puts the line “Hurt like hell” in a lot of his books. but then, again…

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