Chapter 11 of Chasing Midnight (my version)

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Chapter 11




“Jessica, is that you?” Asked Jonathan.

“Yes, it’s me.” Replied Jessica.

They asked each other what they have been doing all these years. It turns out that Jonathan, Dess, Rex, and Melissa all moved into different towns. They all were chasing midnight. Jonathan settled here when he noticed that he had an extra hour.

Jessica has been searching for ways to get out of midnight. She has also been searching for Jonathan as he moved around.

“Jonathan, can you please tell us what happened to Dess, Rex, and Melissa?” Asked Nicole.

He told them about how Rex moved to Chicago where he was attacked my darklings and was finally turned into a halfling. By the time the rest of the midnighters heard what happened, it was too late. Melissa moved to New York and she committed suicide because of all the noise. Dess moved all over the place. She stayed about a week in all the new towns with midnight. She died when she was on a rocket to the moon, trying to figure out if the moon had midnight. The rocket exploded on its way up. Before Dess died, she figured out that midnight is now everywhere on Earth.

“Why did Melissa go to New York if she can’t stand crowds?” Asked Jessica.

“She found the address of a man that had all the answers about midnight.”

“Really?!?! What’s his name?”

“Scott something. I forgot his last name.”

“Do you have an address?” Asked Kaye.

“Yeah, Melissa gave it to Rex, who gave it to Dess, who gave it to me. We wanted to get you out of midnight, Jessica.”

“Then let’s go!” Said Nicole.

“Tomorrow… midnight is about to…”

At that moment, midnight ended.

Amy~la talking now. Guess what… this Scott something might be a man we all know. (Yep, I put Scott Brown in the story! JK, I put Scott Westerfeld into the story.)



  1. thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures said,

    luved it

  2. Tara-la said,

    wow you killed off everyone besides Johnathan, Jess, and Dess (I approve of Dess and Johnathan being alive, they were the best characters)…..but didn’t Madeline say that once they got rid of that spot the darklings would never be able to mak a halfling again? Merry Christmas Eve Chasing Midnight People….

  3. Amy-la said,

    uhh… dess did die. she exploded with the rocket. idk about the halfling… maybe there was more than one. thats just how i wanted rex to die… and melissas death just sort of came to me when i said she moved to new york.

  4. Tara-la said,

    oh lol wait, why’d you kill Dess, she rocks lol jk I don’t really care lol

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