Chapter 12 of Chasing Midnight (my version) and Chapter 13, together forever! (JK!)

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Chapter 12


8:00 am


That morning, all the midnighters were getting ready for their trip to New York. All except Jessica, of course. Nathan, Robert, Nicole, Kaye, and Jonathan were all on the phone together. (Nathan three-wayed Robert and Nicole, Nicole three-wayed in Kaye, and Kaye three-wayed in Jonathan.) They decided to leave that night at midnight. Jonathan, Jessica, and Robert would fly together, and Kaye, Nathan, and Nicole would fly together. Kaye, Nathan, and Nicole would be ahead of the others. They just prayed that this Scott was a midnighter. The plan was a go; all they had to do was be able to get to New York in time.

Amy-la talking now… that was a short chapter! I will post chapter 13 today too. Or maybe now… here is chapter 13:

Chapter 13




Kaye, Nathan, and Nicole started their trip. They landed in South Carolina to get something to drink, and then they continued with the trip. They hoped that the others were having as much luck as they were. They finally got to New York, but with only a minute of midnight left. They hoped the others weren’t far behind.

“I don’t see anyone.” Said Nicole.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be here.” Said Kaye.

“I’m just gad that I’m only a werewolf in the town I was bitten in.” Said Nathan.

“That is convenient.” Said Nicole. “I just wonder where the others are.”

At that moment, Jessica, Jonathan, and Robert landed in the outskirts of New York. They tried to find the others, but they just couldn’t. Then, midnight ended, and Jessica disappeared. Now they could only walk. Jonathan and Robert were walking into town, hoping they could find the other midnighters with all the stiffs moving again. Robert used the focus to try to find the midnighters. He saw about ten other midnighters, but none of them were Nicole, Kaye, or Nathan. They decided to ask one of the midnighters they found.

“Have you seen other midnighters that just landed into town?” Asked Robert.

“Uhh… yeah. I think the were heading toward my apartment. I’ll take you there.” Said the midnighter.

“Might I ask you your name?” Asked Jonathan.

“Sure. My name is Scott Westerfeld.”



  1. bri-la said,

    YAY!!! I Luv scott-la!!! 😀

  2. Amy-la said,

    i was laying in bed last night, thinking about how i was going to end the story, and i came across melissa going to new york. then i thought, Maybe she was looking for answers… who would have all the answers about midnight? duh! the creator himself, mr scott westerfeld! that is how i decided to put scott in the story. (lemony snicket puts himself in the story, so i thought why cant i put scott in mine?) 😛

  3. bri-la said,

    o… ive never read the series of unfortunate events. but i like the movie. i like it ALOT! it was on tv the other day. sunny is my favorite. i was sad that they all died tho. but as long as dess is still alive… and johnathan…. they’re my favs. YAY!! 😀

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