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Ok, yesterday was Christmas. I could go on and on about what I got, but I don’t want to sound greedy. Instead, I will tell you what I did with some of my gifts. I read the first six chapters of So Yesterday, I saw Pirates of the Carribean at Worlds End for the first time, I ate half a bag of M&M’s, I wore a shirt from Hollister, I’m wearing an I’m an extra shirt, I watched Spiderman 3 on my new DVD player, wore a tiara (it was in my stocking), just put on said tiara, listened to my iPod nano (8 GB), wore my new slippers, and built a working Ferris Wheel out of K’NEX (3 feet tall). I also got a lot more stuff, but I haven’t used them yet (like The Seer by David Stahler Jr. and the Good Charlotte CD)

P.S. Today I woke up, looked outside my window, and the ice cream man was there. IT’S WINTER! THE ICE CREAM MAN SHOULD NOT BE SELLING ICE CREAM IN WINTER

Note: those Twilight pictures, that were in the last post, were found at http://twilightlexicon.com.



  1. bri-la said,

    WHOA!! sweet. i think u got more stuff than i did. that is so cool!

  2. The Prez of Darkling midnighter Resources said,

    i need new posts on all of the blogs i read.

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