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Stephanie Meyer is currently working on a new project. I know, I know, everyone knows about Breaking Dawn. I’m not talking about Breaking Dawn… I’m talking about Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun will be in the Twilight series. There will be something familiar about Midnight Sun… like the fact that it is Twilight from Edward’s point of view! For more info on it, go here. For the first chapter of Midnight Sun, go here.



  1. bri-la said,

    he he he. i already knew about that. It sounds really really really good. actually i read the first chapter when i was in the middle of Twilight. kinda spoiled some things but it was a good kinda spoiled.

  2. Ashley-wa said,

    I know isn’t it kewl!!XD I’d love to see Edward’s point of view on things…^^

  3. dude, isn’t it *Breaking* Dawn?

  4. Crazyness said,

    it might be, im so confused these days.

  5. Ashley~wa said,

    yes…yes it is breaking dawn…

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