No Power

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Today I was listening to my iPod, when the power goes out. I decided to get the portable DVD player, so I can watch Spiderman 3. The battery goes out. Then my sister found the other portable DVD player. We decided to watch Hairspray. (It turns out to be a movie about segregation, I did not know that.) Then my dad, grandpa, and Bobbi (my grandpa’s “lady friend”) decided that we were going to bother my mom at work. We take the DVD player, because what can we do at Honeybaked Ham? (My mom is the manager.) We were in the middle of the movie, when that battery goes down. We plugged in the other battery, and it isn’t charged. Then we plug in the last batter, and that isn’t charged! Then my dad finds a TV with a built in DVD player. (They had power at Honeybaked Ham.) It didn’t work well, so we decided to see what was on TV. (Even though they don’t have cable, and all they have are the networks.) My sister stops at the CW and says, “Ooh! Degrassi!” So we watched that epidode. (Two dudes kissed at the end!) Then my mom was done at work, so we went to Steak N Shake for dinner. (I love their milkshakes! Mmm… chocolate and vanilla side by side! [that means two flavors in one glass]) Then we get home, and the power is on. i decided to watch the rest of Hairspray. Then I pop in Spiderman 3. The power goes out right as Harry attacks Peter! I get a flashlight and start reading So Yesterday. Then I decided to make my shoes do the cool lace thingy. Here is a picture, and yes, those are Heelys!

So Yesterday Shoes


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