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Today was my first day in the new semester. All of my classes are the same, except one.

First I go to Geometry. (technically it’s advanced math with a Geometry book, but who cares?) Mrs. Chen was her normal self, do this, do that, Evan stop talking, when you grow up, you will need math, blah blah blah.

Then I go to Language Arts. That was alright except for the fact that I had to write an essay about homework. That is the worst topic ever! (we have to prepare for the writing test comming up.)

Then was Social Studies (and lunch). Lunch was normal, talk about random stuff, and junk we saw on YouTube. In Social Studies, Mr. Kocian said stuff about National Tresure Book of Secrets and Gone with the Wind. Weird…

Next I had Science. Ms. Chase was not in a good mood. She said that she will no longer be accepting late work. Doesn’t really affect me, but still. Then we had to do definitions.

Then was… Home Ec. Whoo. (That was sarcasm.) She went over the rules and then we had 30 minutes of class left. We talked and stuff. Then there was a fire drill. Then class ended.

Finally was gym, the last class of the day. My coach is going to Health. I’ve already had Health, so I had to go to a new coach. They put me in Coach Shere’s class! NO ONE LIKES HER!

Then we go back to homeroom at the end of the day. Then the bell rings and I have to wait 15 minutes for the announcement person to call car-riders and walkers. Then I walked home.



  1. Ashley~wa said,

    …am i really that bad to have gym with?

  2. Amy~la said,

    no, i just dont like the teacher! i luv u ashley~wa!

  3. Ashley~wa said,

    ^^ hehe…yeah i know…<..>….she is kinda weird…i don’t like her either!^^ luv u 2 amy~la

  4. Amy~la said,

    see, no 1 likes her!

  5. taylor_wa said,


  6. Ashley~wa said,


  7. taylor_wa said,


  8. taylor_wa said,

    I H8 PPL LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ashley~wa said,

    ….like what?

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