Space Mountain

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 1:10 PM by Amy~la

I have been to Disney World three times. Two of those times I rode Space Mountain. That ride is almost 100% dark. You don’t know where you are going and all you see are stars and stuff. It is a really fun ride. I found this video on YouTube. Half way in the ride, the lights came on. This is the video showing what it looks like with the lights on.

And this video with people walking by it.

And this video with people on Space Mountain while the lights were on and they are stopped.

As you can see, Space Mountain is taller than you thought it was. When I went to Six Flags, I was like, “The rides are so tall!” When my mom said, “You rode Space Mountain.”
“But that’s not that tall!”
“I’ve seen it with the lights on. It’s tall.”

Now I know she was telling the truth. (It’s kind of scary!)

P.S. I’ve been on this ride too:

Aw man… I also rode this one:


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