My Weird Dream

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 10:05 AM by Amy~la

Normally I don’t remember my dreams, but today I did. I was at my elementary school, but the field was replaced by a lake. There was a gun shot, so I ran. I found my team mates. They helped me talk the shooter into not shooting anyone. How did they do that? One ran across the lake, I turned invisible, one person froze the guy, and the other person did nothing. Then you hear someone say “cut!” and we walk off. I eat a doughnut. Some fans ask for autographs. Then I am at a pharmacy and I’m chasing someone down the aisles. Then I wake up. The weird thing is that the only person I recognised was me, and that I was dressed like Dess… So when I was taking my shower (when I’m awake), I say that my dream was a cross between Fantastic 4 and Midnighters… (but in movie form)



  1. Ashley~wa said,


  2. taylor_wa said,


  3. Sophie-La said,

    wow…. but i have had weirder dreams than that… so don’t feel bad…

    Alot weirder


  4. taylor_wa said,

    me too…….like once….nvr mind…

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