My Weird Friends

Posted in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, School, Stuff n Junk at 6:09 PM by Amy~la

See this video! (Warning, Rosa cusses a lot.)

Before this video happened, Tyler (the one with the phone) said, “Amy, did your boobs get bigger?” (He’s been away for a while.)



  1. dustin said,

    ok then wow that was funny and i realized were all idiots

  2. Ashley~wa said,

    i saw me again!^^and yeah dustin…we are…but we get over it cuz we have fun!^^….u meanie!!!XP

  3. Ashley~wa said,

    …i never realized how much zack actually screams like a girl…heh…

  4. special minded jammer said,

    you guys are in the video?!?!

  5. Amy~la said,

    why am i a meanie??? dustin saw it comming… sort of… i mean… hes the one that broke up with me! oh, and hey natalie! how is north carolina?

  6. special minded jammer said,

    fine. But today it is FREZZING cold and I have to wear my winter jacket!!!!! I hate my winter jacket, although it is sooooo cute!, It sheds feathers!!!

  7. Ashley~wa said,

    yeah…im the girl with the purple aeropostale hoodie on…and dustin was the guuy in the gray hoodie…

  8. special minded jammer said,

    awsome! I;m the one in the holister hoddie!!!! JK…….. Yeah, well i’m natalie, and telling by your message, your ashley. well the only reason that I found out about this blog is because i’ve known amy since the 1st grade.

  9. Ashley~wa said,

    oh kewl!^^

  10. special minded jammer said,

    yep. so whats school like down where you guys live? I go down to georgia every year. my cousin lives in antlanta. and form there to where you guys live, it about 5 hours.

  11. Amy~la said,

    school is ok… i mean its school. my math teacher is a high school teacher, my language arts teacher calls herself miss america, my social studies teacher is a pervert, and my science teacher has a temper. my home ec teacher is ok…, and my gym teacher is a meanie.

  12. special minded jammer said,

    I saw that littel video on youtube where you were spinning in that chair. That was fuuny! Oh, and I wouldent mind having a teacher who calls herself miss America. My math teacher wears a wig! omg, and one day the windows were open and a breexe came in, and knocked her wig off half way!!!!!! I messed up on the time too. It’s 7 hours and some minutes from here in hope mills. and from where my cousin lives in woodstock, it’s only about 2 hours and 12 min. I’m almost through the uglies book. Im in the 2 part, near the middle. but I gatto go! Bye!

    *The tobi says hi* hahaha!

  13. Ashley~wa said,

    i wasn’t calling u mean amy!! i was calling dustin mean…..

  14. special minded jammer said,

    wow…… I didn’t know that people used the word meanie still.

    I’m Bored!!!! 8(

    random stuff:
    it’s 9:29. Spongbob is on. I’m going to southview High!!!!! Go tigers?

    o.k……. maybe to random.


    I’m usually not like this………

  15. taylor_wa said,

    I had to ruin the “I Know You” session sorry lol

  16. Amy~la said,

    tigers? no, patriots are better… i think… no, i like tigers better, but im not in north carolina anymore…

  17. special minded jammer said,

    so sad!!! 8( well, on another not, i’m happy to report that I am on part 3 of the uglies book. I skipped to see when she turned pretty, but I couldnt find it. instead I found out why she turned pretty…….I ruined the whole book!!!!! well, a big part of it.

  18. special minded jammer said,

    on another note i mean, not not

  19. Amy~la said,

    dont you know youre not supposed to do that natalie??? i ruin boos all the time… and i hate it when i do that! (she doesnt turn pretty until the second book) the last sentence in the first one is “I’m Tally Youngblood. Make me pretty.”

  20. Bran-la said,

    Wow that was uhhh intresting. Did u realize all the people in the back ground were staring at you. And the guy dancing, yeah, that just was odd. I had to laugh though!

  21. special minded jammer said,

    oh…….. well I have to do my math hw for my theacher who wears a wig so that I don’t get in trouble. I’m so happy! I might be in the I.B. program at southview!

  22. Amy~la said,

    cool, im going into the magnet program at (insert high school here). its about engeneering and stuff.

  23. special minded jammer said,

    cool. where is (insert high scholl here) ? I’ve never heard of that school. *laughs*

  24. Rose-la said,

    I changed my name….. do you like it?

  25. taylor_wa said,

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hi

  26. Lizzy-wa said,

    i LOVE your avatar Taylor-wa!!!

    what did your name used to be Rose-la?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

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