Coming Up in April

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Here are some big events happening in April!

April 1st: APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!!!
April 4th: Spring Break begins
April 7th: My blog has its 6th month anniversary.
April 18th: The day Albert Einstein died
April 20th: FULL MOON!
April 22th: Earth Day

Ok, so the full moon and Albert Eignstein’s death aren’t that big, but I needed a filler.




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So I actually watched the Kids’ Choice Awards. THEY SLIMED ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!! They also slimed Harrison Ford, but the big slime was on Orlando Bloom. I was dissapointed when Guitar Hero III lost to a football video game. Fall Out Boy lost to the Jonas Brothers. Miley Cirus won favorte female singer and favorite TV actress. She also performed live. Let me tell you something, SHE IS A TERRIBLE SINGER!!!!! Lets see.. What else am I mad about??? Umm… How about I post the winners… (my choices are in the parentheses)

Favorite Reality Show: American Idol (Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?)
Favorite TV Actress: Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus)
Favorite TV Actor: Drake Bell (Cole Sprouse)
Favorite TV Show: Drake and Josh (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
Favorite Song: Girlfriend by Avril Lavinge (Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie)
Favorite Male Singer: Chris Brown (Justin Timberlake)
Favorite Female Singer: Miley Cyrus ( Fergie)
Favorite Music Group: The Jonas Brothers (FALL OUT BOY!!!!!)
Favorite Cartoon: Avatar: The Last Airbender (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Favorite Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks (Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End)
Favorite Movie Actor: Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp)
Favorite Movie Actress: Jessica Alba (Keira Knightley)
Favorite Video Game: Madden NFL 2008 (GUITAR HERO III!!!!!!)
Favorite Animated Movie: Ratatouille (Shrek the Third)
Favorite Voice From an Animated Movie: Eddie Murphy in Shrek the Third (Eddie Murphy)
Favorite Female Athlete: Danica Patrick (Danica Patrick)
Favorite Male Athlete: Tony Hawk (Alex Rodriguez)
Favorite Book: Harry Potter series (Harry Potter)
Wanna-Be Award: Cameron Diaz (Anyone but Miley Cyrus)

Now I’m off to read The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray. It just so happens that The Sweet Far Thing is bigger than the 7th Harry Potter book.


OMG!!!!! THAT’S SO COOL!!!!!!!

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My mom has just told me the best thing ever… some school around the United States have started a new sport. The new sport is really not new at all, well not to the wizarding world. Yes, some schools are making a Quidditch team! How is this possible? I mean, we can’t fly and we cant enchant the Golden Snitch to fly on its own, so how will that work? Well I’m not quite sure how they will have the bludgers, but I know how the rest will go.

The players have to keep a broom between their legs. The Goldne Snitch will be a person, a cross-country runner. The runner will have a flag (like flag football). The runner will run around the campus. The goal posts will be the same, but not as high up. The players would still have to throw the Quaffle into the goal posts for 10 points. There will still be 2 beaters, 1 keeper, 1 seeker, and 2 chasers. Wow… the study saying that Harry Potter is addictive was right…


WHOOO!!!!!! *twitch*

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Before I tell this story, I would like to say that my sister has her driver’s licence.

We (my mom, my sister, and I) went to the gas station. My mom went inside. I told my sister that the keys were still in the car. She goes onto the driver’s side and moves the car to the other side of the gas station. Back inside, my mom was finished paying and the checkout lady said, “Have a nice day.” And my mom said, “I will if my children haven’t stolen my car.” How awesome is that???????

P.S. I’ve been tagged! The person who tagged me was… Bri-la!

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Now my random facts!

1. The only periodic eliment abbriviation I know is for lead, it’s PB. I know that because PB is peanut butter, and lead is poisonious!
2. I once spent a whole day playing Guitar Hero III. (I got 5 stars on all the songs, except one.)
3. Although I say, “I like pie.” a lot, I really don’t like pie.
4. I enter the Caption Contest at Mugglenet.com every week, but never win.
5. The reason I am currently reading Rebel Angels by Libba Bray is because of the three evil cousins. (Update: I am now reading the third book in the series, called The Sweet Far Thing)
6. I have 20 videos on YouTube and I only like about half of them. (My username is theprettymindedulgy.)


Story Time

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NOTE: This was a Mad-Lib type thingy. The underlined words are the ones I filled in.

I had just finished reading Spiderman when I suddenly heard a bang and people yelling “Woopa!” Outside my window, Dr. Drakken (from Kim Possible) was smelling over the treetops and shooting lightning blots out of his thumbs! Could this really be happening? Then I glimpsed my reflection in the fan. I had grown muscles the size of elephants and was wearing a blue and pink jumpsuit with a big X on the front. I looked just like The Thing (from Fantastic 4)! Before I knew it, I was sleeping out my bedroom window faster than a speeding chair. A girl pointed at me and said, “It’s a penguin! It’s a hoverboard! It’s Super Amy~la!” The villain started scratching lightning bolts at me, but I used my smelly pants to bounce them right back. Then I ate spit out of my gloves, covering the villain in shiney goo. He was trapped like an ant caught in a dress. The crowd cheered and started chanting, “Wake up, wake up!” Stupidly I opened my eyes to find Amanda standing over me. I guess it was all a small dream. But at least one thing was real- Amanda did look a lot like Dr. Drakken.


So Fool!

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Next week my school is having a book fair. These book fairs are the whole reason I read the Uglies trilogy. So I just looked at the little booklette they give you. Under the catigory of ‘Worth Checking Out!’ lies a little book we like to call Extras. Whoo! Thats a little exciting.

P.S. I just looked at some of the other books in the booklette and one is called Revenge of the Cheerleaders. Like cheerleaders need revenge! The book is about a cheerleader getting even against a goth boy. GO GOTH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Another Note: The book Maximum Ride by James Patterson looks cool. Its about this group of peole that have to fight the forces of evil, again. But the cover looks cool, so I might buy it.

One More Thing: I am spending the night at Tessa’s tonight.



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I only have 3 words to say today: my neck hurts.

Ok, I’m going to say more than that… Today was St. Patrick’s Day, and I wore green! I didn’t pinch that many people because of what happened in 4th grade. Let’s just say I wasn’t allowed to go to school for a few days…

I would also like to say that Nathan doesn’t apperciate the fine writer Scott Westerfeld is. He looked at the cover for Pretties and said, “How can a guy write a book about a girl?” He makes me want to strangle something, or someone. Then he has to make fun of Ryan for reading the Midnighters trilogy! (To make this post in all the catigories I have to say this: Peeps would make one cool movie! I also have to say this: So Yesterday isn’t one of Scott’s best books, but you gotta love it anyway.)

P.S. On Saturday I played all 44 songs on Guitar Hero III. (I know there are 42, but Through the Fire and Flames plus a bonus song I bought at the store makes 44!)




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Some of Fall Out Boy’s songs are hard to understand, well someone on YouTube figured out the words. (Note: These are not the real words.)



So Cool

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I just saw a lasor light show. It was totally awesome. It went to a bunch of the Beatles songs. I love the Beatles! They are so fool. During some of it I felt like I was falling or rising. I like the one that went along to the song Octopus’s Garden.



The NEW 7 Wonders of the World

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The results are in… the new 7 wonders are…. can I get a drum roll please? *rat a tat tat*

1. the Taj Mahal in Agra, India
2. the Petra in Southwest Jordan
3. Machu Picchu near Cusco, Peru
4. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
5. Christ the Redeemer Statue in Janeiro, Brazil
6. Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico
7. the Graet Wall of China… I think you know where this is…


1. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
2. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Iraq
3. Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Turkey
4. Statue of Zeus in Greece
5. Mausoleum in Halicarnassus, Turkey
6. Colossus of Rhodes on Rhodes Island
7. Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt



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Get your own Chat Box! Go Here to Chat!


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My school is having their own version of American Idol. I am having a little problem picking out the song I will sing. Could you help me?



19 Seconds

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These will be the best 19 seconds of your life!


No School

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There was no school today. Guess what I did… No guesses? Ok, I will tell you. First I got a text message at 11:10. It was from Zack. I told him to not text me before noon. (I was still asleep.) Then I decided to get up. I ate lunch and watched the Price is Right. (It was better when Bob was still on.) Then, around 1, I decided to… CLEAN MY ROOM! I finally cleaned my room. (Mainly because my mom said I had to clean it before she got home from work, or my TV would be taken out.) About an hour later, my room was done. I took my trash out and got the mail. Then I did some organizing in my room. I had my books arranged from tallest to shortest. When I was done with that, I counted how many books I’ve read. I read twenty of them. Then I counted the ones I haven’t read. There were six. Twenty plus six equals twenty-six. Twenty-six is a multiple of thirteen. It’s funny how that happened by accident. Then my sister came home. She put her clothes in the dryer. The dryer made a “thunkida-thunk” noise, and stopped working. Then my mom came home. She is making dinner. My dad came home, he is fixing the dryer. My sister is fixing her outfit/hair/makeup. So that was my dad… Any questions? No? Ok…


New Logo

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I have a logo with my name on it. I will try to remember to use one on every post.




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