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Today I’m at Tessa’s house! I spent the night last night and here is what we did. I arrived and hid from her brother. We went on the trampoline when he found us. Then we went into the bathroom and played with my hair. Tessa gave me Barbie hair. Then Diamond came over. We did a bunch of stuff, while still in the bathroom. Then Diamond had to leave. So Tessa turned me into a goth. It was actually fun! Then Tessa dressed as a prep. We then pretended to be goth twins. It was really funny. We played with the Wii after that. I beat everyone in bowling, except Tessa’s dad. We then watched Freaky Friday, when I fell asleep. When I woke up, I texted Maddie. Then Tessa woke up and we ate breakfast and now we are going to see the movie Penelope. You know, the movie about the girl with the pig nose. And she falls in love with that HOT guy!


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  1. Rose-la said,

    OMG I wnat to see penelope sooo bad! And that guy is HOT!!! hahaha

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