No School

Posted in School, Stuff n Junk at 6:08 PM by Amy~la

There was no school today. Guess what I did… No guesses? Ok, I will tell you. First I got a text message at 11:10. It was from Zack. I told him to not text me before noon. (I was still asleep.) Then I decided to get up. I ate lunch and watched the Price is Right. (It was better when Bob was still on.) Then, around 1, I decided to… CLEAN MY ROOM! I finally cleaned my room. (Mainly because my mom said I had to clean it before she got home from work, or my TV would be taken out.) About an hour later, my room was done. I took my trash out and got the mail. Then I did some organizing in my room. I had my books arranged from tallest to shortest. When I was done with that, I counted how many books I’ve read. I read twenty of them. Then I counted the ones I haven’t read. There were six. Twenty plus six equals twenty-six. Twenty-six is a multiple of thirteen. It’s funny how that happened by accident. Then my sister came home. She put her clothes in the dryer. The dryer made a “thunkida-thunk” noise, and stopped working. Then my mom came home. She is making dinner. My dad came home, he is fixing the dryer. My sister is fixing her outfit/hair/makeup. So that was my dad… Any questions? No? Ok…



  1. Rose-la said,

    OMG! i have to show the 5th graders around hope mills middle tomorrow and thrusday! that means my brother is going to be there!


  2. Amy~la said,

    aww! so sorry. im glad my school doesnt do that. (the middle school and the elementarty school are right next door to each other.)

  3. Rose-la said,

    oh. lucky for you……. I have to do it thrusday too. and have you started reading the books I told you about? I’m almost done with the uglies trillogy. I’m on specials. well, not much here on my end……. so bye, i guess.

  4. Amy~la said,

    no, i havent read it. i am in the middle of reading the gemma doyle trilogy by libba bray, but when i am done with that i might read it. (you are not the only person to tell me to read a book)

  5. Rose-la said,

    i know. i put pressure on people. but thts why ya luv me!

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