Posted in School at 3:56 PM by Amy~la

My school is having their own version of American Idol. I am having a little problem picking out the song I will sing. Could you help me?




  1. Rose-la said,

    how about, “time to face the strange”?

  2. Rose-la said,


  3. Amy~la said,

    hmm… i dont know that song… i was thinking about singing im not ok (i promise) by my chemical romance, but then i thought of singing let it be by the beatles.

  4. Rose-la said,

    well, is goes……..”time to face the strange…changes. just gonna have to be a different girl. time may change me, but I can’t change time.” it was in the confessions of a teenage drama queen.

  5. Amy~la said,

    hey, your url is my youtube account… well it feels nice to be loved!

  6. Rose-la said,

    I know it’s nice to be loved……. oh, and that song that I was talking about is called “changes” by david bowie.

  7. ashley~wa said,

    …dude…i have to host the stupid thing and i dont know wut to sing….T.T

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