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I only have 3 words to say today: my neck hurts.

Ok, I’m going to say more than that… Today was St. Patrick’s Day, and I wore green! I didn’t pinch that many people because of what happened in 4th grade. Let’s just say I wasn’t allowed to go to school for a few days…

I would also like to say that Nathan doesn’t apperciate the fine writer Scott Westerfeld is. He looked at the cover for Pretties and said, “How can a guy write a book about a girl?” He makes me want to strangle something, or someone. Then he has to make fun of Ryan for reading the Midnighters trilogy! (To make this post in all the catigories I have to say this: Peeps would make one cool movie! I also have to say this: So Yesterday isn’t one of Scott’s best books, but you gotta love it anyway.)

P.S. On Saturday I played all 44 songs on Guitar Hero III. (I know there are 42, but Through the Fire and Flames plus a bonus song I bought at the store makes 44!)




  1. ashley~wa said,

    …Cody practically ripped my arm off “pinching” me today…it hurt really badly….and i WAS wearing green!!! so i punched him:)

  2. Rose-la said,

    How could you do that to scott in the 4th grade amy???? that was soooo mean. Anyway….. I just wanted to say hey. I haven’t been on your blog in a while. Oh, and guess what? I think scott still has a scar from what you guys did to him………BYE!!!

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