So Fool!

Posted in School, Stuff n Junk at 7:41 PM by Amy~la

Next week my school is having a book fair. These book fairs are the whole reason I read the Uglies trilogy. So I just looked at the little booklette they give you. Under the catigory of ‘Worth Checking Out!’ lies a little book we like to call Extras. Whoo! Thats a little exciting.

P.S. I just looked at some of the other books in the booklette and one is called Revenge of the Cheerleaders. Like cheerleaders need revenge! The book is about a cheerleader getting even against a goth boy. GO GOTH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Another Note: The book Maximum Ride by James Patterson looks cool. Its about this group of peole that have to fight the forces of evil, again. But the cover looks cool, so I might buy it.

One More Thing: I am spending the night at Tessa’s tonight.


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