Story Time

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 4:53 PM by Amy~la

NOTE: This was a Mad-Lib type thingy. The underlined words are the ones I filled in.

I had just finished reading Spiderman when I suddenly heard a bang and people yelling “Woopa!” Outside my window, Dr. Drakken (from Kim Possible) was smelling over the treetops and shooting lightning blots out of his thumbs! Could this really be happening? Then I glimpsed my reflection in the fan. I had grown muscles the size of elephants and was wearing a blue and pink jumpsuit with a big X on the front. I looked just like The Thing (from Fantastic 4)! Before I knew it, I was sleeping out my bedroom window faster than a speeding chair. A girl pointed at me and said, “It’s a penguin! It’s a hoverboard! It’s Super Amy~la!” The villain started scratching lightning bolts at me, but I used my smelly pants to bounce them right back. Then I ate spit out of my gloves, covering the villain in shiney goo. He was trapped like an ant caught in a dress. The crowd cheered and started chanting, “Wake up, wake up!” Stupidly I opened my eyes to find Amanda standing over me. I guess it was all a small dream. But at least one thing was real- Amanda did look a lot like Dr. Drakken.



  1. Bri-la said,

    TAG! Your it!



  2. Rose-la said,

    Hey Amy!!!!!!!

    I’m back from Georgia. It was sooooo cold.

    well, that’s all I wanted to say. Bye!!!

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