WHOOO!!!!!! *twitch*

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Before I tell this story, I would like to say that my sister has her driver’s licence.

We (my mom, my sister, and I) went to the gas station. My mom went inside. I told my sister that the keys were still in the car. She goes onto the driver’s side and moves the car to the other side of the gas station. Back inside, my mom was finished paying and the checkout lady said, “Have a nice day.” And my mom said, “I will if my children haven’t stolen my car.” How awesome is that???????

P.S. I’ve been tagged! The person who tagged me was… Bri-la!

Here are the rules…

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-Share 6 useless trivia about yourself.
– Tag 6 random people.
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Now my random facts!

1. The only periodic eliment abbriviation I know is for lead, it’s PB. I know that because PB is peanut butter, and lead is poisonious!
2. I once spent a whole day playing Guitar Hero III. (I got 5 stars on all the songs, except one.)
3. Although I say, “I like pie.” a lot, I really don’t like pie.
4. I enter the Caption Contest at Mugglenet.com every week, but never win.
5. The reason I am currently reading Rebel Angels by Libba Bray is because of the three evil cousins. (Update: I am now reading the third book in the series, called The Sweet Far Thing)
6. I have 20 videos on YouTube and I only like about half of them. (My username is theprettymindedulgy.)


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  1. Bri-la said,

    Heh heh heh… it’d be really funny if you had stolen the car. Good story.

    I LOVE Guitar Hero III!!!!!!!

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