OMG!!!!! THAT’S SO COOL!!!!!!!

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 9:52 PM by Amy~la

My mom has just told me the best thing ever… some school around the United States have started a new sport. The new sport is really not new at all, well not to the wizarding world. Yes, some schools are making a Quidditch team! How is this possible? I mean, we can’t fly and we cant enchant the Golden Snitch to fly on its own, so how will that work? Well I’m not quite sure how they will have the bludgers, but I know how the rest will go.

The players have to keep a broom between their legs. The Goldne Snitch will be a person, a cross-country runner. The runner will have a flag (like flag football). The runner will run around the campus. The goal posts will be the same, but not as high up. The players would still have to throw the Quaffle into the goal posts for 10 points. There will still be 2 beaters, 1 keeper, 1 seeker, and 2 chasers. Wow… the study saying that Harry Potter is addictive was right…


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