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I haven’t posted in a while. I would like to talk about something funny. When you take 5 days in a row to watch 6 movies in a series, you tend to get connected to the characters. Well I was watching a series that I have never seen before. Any guesses what the movies were? No? Ok, I was watching the Star Wars saga. In Episode 4 I was thinking many things. (mainly about the whole Luke and Leigha kissing thing.) Then in Episode 5 I was thinking how evil Darth Vader is/was. Then in Episode 6 (at the end) I was rooting for Vader to help his son. I was shocked that I was actually feeling sorry for Vader. Then I saw Episodes 1, 2, and 3. In Episode 1 I was thinking that there was no way this cute little slave boy becomes Darth Vader. In Episode 2 I was thinking that this man that Anakin became was a good man that fell in love with a good woman. But then came along Episode 3. In that movie I was feeling sorry for Anakin. (I won’t call him Vader until he puts the outfit on.) It must have been hard knowing you were ready to become a Jedi, but not being one. It must have been hard hiding your wife and with her being pregnant, it would be hard. Then when he killed all those children, I was in denial that he did that. Then it showed Anakin (still not in the mask, but goes by Darth Vader) crying because all he wanted to do was stop his wife from dying in child birth like he saw in his dreams. This is when my tears fell. Like I said, when you watch 6 movies in 5 days, the characters grow on you. (That’s a big deal because I normally don’t cry for movies, only books.)





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So today was the Science CRCT’s. It wasn’t that hard. There weren’t many questions I didn’t know. But that’s now why this post is called GAH!!!!!!!!

So right now I’m in the computer’s class. My Home Ec class is in here. I’m sitting next to Zack and he is being annoying. Speaking of Zack, his name was on the CRCT’s today. Hahaha… I’M SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



CRCT’s Day 3

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Yesterday was the English/Language Arts CRCT. It was uber uber easy! There was only one question I didn’t know.

Today was the math CRCT. It was the easiest math test I have ever taken. A lot of people were saying the test was hard, but I was thinking it was easy. They learned the stuff this year while I had to remember it from about 2 years ago! 

Tomorrow is the Science CRCT. Then there is the Social Studies CRCT. After the Social Studies CRCT is Spring Fling! Whoo!!!! I can’t wait.


CRCT’s Day 1

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Today was the first CRCT. It was reading. Blah blah blah, we all know how a reading test goes. It was uber easy. There was a total of 2 hours for the test, and I had about 1 hour 10 minutes of unused time. They give you way too much time. I can’t wait for Friday! On Friday my school is having a “Whoo! You did it!” day. They call it Spring Fling. There will be a bunch of fun stuff to do. I didn’t get to go last year because I was absent during the science CRCT, but this year I will be there! (You can’t go if you are absent during the CRCT’s and I was REALLY sick that day.)

IN OTHER NEWS: Tomorrow is Earth Day!



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So yesterday I had a math competition. First you had to take an hour-long test. Then you had teams of four doing the actual competition part. The teams of four were broken into two parts (A and B). I was on team 1B. My partner was a guy named Austin. On team 1A was Orin and Sang. So we were a pretty good team. 

After them competition, they had awards. They named the top 25 scores on the test. I got 20th. (Out of about 150, thats pretty good.) The other 3 people on my team were also in this group. (Austin got 25th, Sang got 16th, and Orin got 3rd.) Then they named the top three teams. My team got 3rd! Thats pretty awesome!

P.S. The CRCT’s start tomorrow. 😥



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So next week is the CRCT’s. (Standardisedtests) So that means that this week we are reviewing our butts off. In math we are doing a bunch of stupid worksheets, in language arts we are doing about 5 super long assignments a day, in Georgia studies we are going over about 500 years in 5 weeks, and in science we are actually doing something fun. On Monday we played ‘Jeopardy!’. On Tuesday we played ‘Who Wants to be a Millionare?’. And today we played two games, ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘The Weakest Link’. Off corse all the topics were on stuff we learned this year, bt we are learning in a fun way. If only my other teachers would do this…



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I got a new Internet connection thingy, so that means I can write stuff in color again!!!!! Wow, I thought my computer was messed up forever, then I downloaded this thing called Safari for Windows. It’s by Apple, but it’s still cool. It looks cooler than Internet Explorer and it has automatic spell check. (I’ll need that.) 


Cry… :'(

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So tomorrow is the last official day of Spring Break. That means my sister is coming home, and I waisted a week playing Guitar Hero III. But I didn’t just play Guitar Hero III, I played Guitar Hero III left-handed. You see, I’m right-handed. I also watched a lot of That 70s Show and Family Guy. (What do those shows have in common? No answers? Ok. The voice of Meg on Family Guy [in the later episodes] is Jackie from That 70s Show.) Well that means I have to do something totally awesome tomorrow. I was thinking about going to the mall or going bowling, but those aren’t that cool. Plus, i could reck my professionally done nails if I go bowling. (I know, I sound like a prep, but they’re really cute!) I anyone has ideas about what I could do tomorrow, then tell me!!!!!!!!!



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So it is Spring Break down here in Georgia. That I’m okay with. One thing I’m not okay with is that in 13 days is CRCT testing. The CRCT’s are a bunch of standerized tests at the end of the year to test what you’ve learned. There is math, science, social studies, language arts, and reading. The worst part is that to move on to the 9th grade, I have to pass the language arts, reading, and math sections. Now that’s no problem for me but all my school is doing is reviewing for the CRCT, and they are saying stuff like, “You need to know this for the test.” So we aren’t learning for learning’s sake, we are learning so we can pass a stupid standerized test. I don’t like that becaue I know some really smart people that freeze up during important tests.I don’t like these tests. (They are everywhere, but with different names. I know that in North Carolina they are called the EOG’s.)


Happy Birthday!!!

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Today my blog is six months old! WHOOOOOO!!!! In honor of my blog’s birthday, the first comment on this post gets *drum roll* A NEW PUPPY*!

*Note: Winner will not get a puppy. 



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Last night I was Googling books to see if/when their movie was coming out. So I looked at Twilight (it comes out December 12), The City of Ember (October 10), Uglies (so far, none), and A Great and Terrible Beauty (so far, none).

When I couln’t find the last book (A Great and Terrible Beauty), I went on its Wikipedia page. Then I read some stuff and I clicked on the name Gemma Doyle (the main character). I read some stuff about the character that I already knew. Then I read about Kartik (Gemma’s love interest, and enemy). I wanted to know if Gemma and Kartik end up together. What I found out was shocking. I learned how The Sweet Far Thing (the third book in the trilogy) ends. If you don’t want to be spoiled like I was, beware of Wikipedia! (If you want to know the ending, I won’t tell you it.)


Spring Break

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It is Spring Break down here in Georgia. My sister is in Florida. So that means I won’t be tortured by my sister for oer a week! Umm… I don’t have any plans this break, so I might be bored this week… umm… I’m running out of things to say. I guess I’ll… no… ok… this post is over….


My Nails

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So today after school I got my nails done for the first time. I am having a little trouble typing this… so my post will be short. I got French Tips and it took FOREVER to get it done. But what else do you expect when you go to the nail place inside Wal-Mart? (I wonder if I can still play Guitar Hero with these nails on…)