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Last night I was Googling books to see if/when their movie was coming out. So I looked at Twilight (it comes out December 12), The City of Ember (October 10), Uglies (so far, none), and A Great and Terrible Beauty (so far, none).

When I couln’t find the last book (A Great and Terrible Beauty), I went on its Wikipedia page. Then I read some stuff and I clicked on the name Gemma Doyle (the main character). I read some stuff about the character that I already knew. Then I read about Kartik (Gemma’s love interest, and enemy). I wanted to know if Gemma and Kartik end up together. What I found out was shocking. I learned how The Sweet Far Thing (the third book in the trilogy) ends. If you don’t want to be spoiled like I was, beware of Wikipedia! (If you want to know the ending, I won’t tell you it.)



  1. Bri-la said,

    Ugh. I hate spoilers. And Wikipedia is full of em. That sucks. You could still read the book though. I’m sure it will still be good. I own A Great and Terrible Beauty, but I haven’t read it yet. I’m going to. Soon. I heard it was famazing.

  2. Amy~la said,

    i finished the book last night. i cried at the end. it was so sad.

  3. Rose-la said,

    I want a puppy!!!

  4. taylor-wa said,

    wow… i love wikipedia but i hte that it does spoil things for me… like yeah! gahh rose-la, you were random.>I WANT A CupCaKE!!

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