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So it is Spring Break down here in Georgia. That I’m okay with. One thing I’m not okay with is that in 13 days is CRCT testing. The CRCT’s are a bunch of standerized tests at the end of the year to test what you’ve learned. There is math, science, social studies, language arts, and reading. The worst part is that to move on to the 9th grade, I have to pass the language arts, reading, and math sections. Now that’s no problem for me but all my school is doing is reviewing for the CRCT, and they are saying stuff like, “You need to know this for the test.” So we aren’t learning for learning’s sake, we are learning so we can pass a stupid standerized test. I don’t like that becaue I know some really smart people that freeze up during important tests.I don’t like these tests. (They are everywhere, but with different names. I know that in North Carolina they are called the EOG’s.)



  1. Rose-la said,

    which are in 5 weeks……the EOGs i mean. AHHHHHHHH! my brain hurts alredy!

  2. taylor-wa said,

    I AM STILL TAKING THEM!!! THE CRCT’S!!!! GAHHHH IHATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BRAIN HURTS TOO(but they are fairly easy this year in Georgia)

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