Cry… :'(

Posted in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, Stuff n Junk at 10:27 PM by Amy~la

So tomorrow is the last official day of Spring Break. That means my sister is coming home, and I waisted a week playing Guitar Hero III. But I didn’t just play Guitar Hero III, I played Guitar Hero III left-handed. You see, I’m right-handed. I also watched a lot of That 70s Show and Family Guy. (What do those shows have in common? No answers? Ok. The voice of Meg on Family Guy [in the later episodes] is Jackie from That 70s Show.) Well that means I have to do something totally awesome tomorrow. I was thinking about going to the mall or going bowling, but those aren’t that cool. Plus, i could reck my professionally done nails if I go bowling. (I know, I sound like a prep, but they’re really cute!) I anyone has ideas about what I could do tomorrow, then tell me!!!!!!!!!


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