Posted in School, Stuff n Junk at 10:49 AM by Amy~la

So yesterday I had a math competition. First you had to take an hour-long test. Then you had teams of four doing the actual competition part. The teams of four were broken into two parts (A and B). I was on team 1B. My partner was a guy named Austin. On team 1A was Orin and Sang. So we were a pretty good team. 

After them competition, they had awards. They named the top 25 scores on the test. I got 20th. (Out of about 150, thats pretty good.) The other 3 people on my team were also in this group. (Austin got 25th, Sang got 16th, and Orin got 3rd.) Then they named the top three teams. My team got 3rd! Thats pretty awesome!

P.S. The CRCT’s start tomorrow. 😥


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