CRCT’s Day 1

Posted in School, Stuff n Junk at 4:16 PM by Amy~la

Today was the first CRCT. It was reading. Blah blah blah, we all know how a reading test goes. It was uber easy. There was a total of 2 hours for the test, and I had about 1 hour 10 minutes of unused time. They give you way too much time. I can’t wait for Friday! On Friday my school is having a “Whoo! You did it!” day. They call it Spring Fling. There will be a bunch of fun stuff to do. I didn’t get to go last year because I was absent during the science CRCT, but this year I will be there! (You can’t go if you are absent during the CRCT’s and I was REALLY sick that day.)

IN OTHER NEWS: Tomorrow is Earth Day!


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