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I haven’t posted in a while. I would like to talk about something funny. When you take 5 days in a row to watch 6 movies in a series, you tend to get connected to the characters. Well I was watching a series that I have never seen before. Any guesses what the movies were? No? Ok, I was watching the Star Wars saga. In Episode 4 I was thinking many things. (mainly about the whole Luke and Leigha kissing thing.) Then in Episode 5 I was thinking how evil Darth Vader is/was. Then in Episode 6 (at the end) I was rooting for Vader to help his son. I was shocked that I was actually feeling sorry for Vader. Then I saw Episodes 1, 2, and 3. In Episode 1 I was thinking that there was no way this cute little slave boy becomes Darth Vader. In Episode 2 I was thinking that this man that Anakin became was a good man that fell in love with a good woman. But then came along Episode 3. In that movie I was feeling sorry for Anakin. (I won’t call him Vader until he puts the outfit on.) It must have been hard knowing you were ready to become a Jedi, but not being one. It must have been hard hiding your wife and with her being pregnant, it would be hard. Then when he killed all those children, I was in denial that he did that. Then it showed Anakin (still not in the mask, but goes by Darth Vader) crying because all he wanted to do was stop his wife from dying in child birth like he saw in his dreams. This is when my tears fell. Like I said, when you watch 6 movies in 5 days, the characters grow on you. (That’s a big deal because I normally don’t cry for movies, only books.)




  1. Bran-la said,

    Wow is xacly right. Like, wow, amy-la. Wow.

  2. Lizzy-wa said,

    that movie FREEKED me out!!! ohmygosh! i cant beleive Annikan (sp?) did that!!! i cried just cuz he did that! not cuz he became Darth Vader. but yeah. #3 was the only one that freeked me out a bunch. i liked the last three better than the first three.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  3. Amy~la said,

    thanks…………………… i think……………………………..

  4. Amy~la said,

    here is my opinion:
    4 was awesome. it is the best one.
    5 was dissapointing (i was a hand like lukes!)
    6 was pretty cool
    1 was cool. i liked the story. (aww… little anakin)
    2 was cool. (ooo… anakin isnt allowed to love!)
    3 was awesome. i loved the ending. he only joind the dark side to save his wife but then she dies anyway (probably because of him…) this one made me 😥 (thats cry in case u didnt know.)

    my only qustion is this: HOW MANY JEDI HAVE FAKE HANDS??????

  5. Rose-la said,

    My guess is 5!!!!!! Ha ha, I made a funny! So what’s up amy? I’ve tried to catch you on IM like 5 times. Oh, and guess what eles, I TRIED OUT FOR COLORGAURD!!!!!!! I hope I make it. I have a nmew book for you. It’s called click here. Very, Very good!!!!! And you really need to read the mediator series. well, Signing off……

    That sounded retarded…..how about, bye

    your bestest bestest friend, Natalie

    ps. there is this song called bestfriend by toybox. It’s funny. I don’t know If thats the correct name of the song or not. But I think it is. Bye!

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