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My Internet is being retarded… so I am having to write this on my sister’s computer… yea… i wish my computer will start working again… and if it doesn’t, then my next post will be after July 12. (That is my birthday I am am probably gettin a laptop!)



3 Vids in 3 Days

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I was bored… So these videos were all put on YouTube in 3 days…


My Favorite HP Character (just in case you were wondering)

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Umm… yea… so… according to this post I am a huge Harry Potter fan. But who is my favorite character? In the first two Harry Potter books, my favorite was Harry. Then in book three I realized how awesome Hermione is. I really looked up to here because of how smart she is. I could relate to her because I was the smartest kid in my class. Then the first movie came out and I saw how cute Ron was. He then turned to be my favorite character. So I had switched favorites through the Trio. (Yes, it’s capital. You wanna make something of it?) Then in book four I saw how mean Ron was. I switched favorites back to Hermione. In book five we met Luna. Yes! Luna Lovegood was my favorite character. For the first time, my favorite character was someone outside of the Trio. I pictured her with brown hair, glasses, and a crown of flowers in her hair. If you saw the movie, then you would know that I didn’t like the actress picked for Luna. Then I saw the movie and was like, “Ok, I’ll buy that.” So now my Luna is blonde, doesn’t have glasses, but still has that crown of flowers in her hair. Then in book six, my favorite character was the Half-Blood Prince, even though I didn’t know who he was. When it was time for Malfoy to kill Dumbledore, I hated him. Then it turns out that Snape, the man that killed Dumbledore, is the Half-Blood Prince. I quickly changed favorites because now it was clear the Snape was evil. In book seven my favorite character went back to Hermione. She saved Harry’s life, was heart-broken when Ron left, almost killed Ron when he returned, and helped destroy one of the horcruxes. In that book, Harry was making me mad. OK WE GET IT! VOLDEMORT KILLED YOUR PARENTS! Then when Harry had all the Deathly Hallows with him, and his parents were there along with Sirius and Dumbledore, I cried for Harry. This was the only Harry Potter book where I cried. I cried because he was the Boy-Who-Lived and he was going to become the Boy-Who-Sacrificed-His-Life-So-Voldemort-Will-Die. I also cried because Snape and Dumbledore knew this would happen. I cried because Snape was Dumbledore’s man, and Snape died. I cried for Dobby. I cried for Mad-Eye Moody. I cried for Fred. I cried for George because of Fred. I cried for Lupin and Tonks. I cried for Colin, the first-year in movie two with the camera. Before I read that book, I wanted Voldemort to win. But when I read the part with Harry walking into the woods, I knew I wanted Harry to win. And for the rest of book seven, my favorite character was Harry. With all that said and done, how did I come to love Malfoy?


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Harry Potter

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I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I like reading the books, reading the fan-fiction, watching potter puppet pals, creating potter puppet pals, and going onto MuggleNet. I am eagerly awaiting the teaser trailer for HBP. I mean, Twilight is coming out AFTER HBP and it already has one! Some people suspected that it would come out with Indiana Jones. It didn’t. So now I am like, when will it come out? Well, Emma Watson’s official web site has confirmed that filming is over and trailers should be out soon! I can’t wait!


Last Day of School

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Today was the last day of school. I am now a 9th-grader! Here is what happened today:

In math: We watched “Chicken Little”
In language arts: We watched old video projects and posed for mug-shots!!!!
In Georgia studies: We played board games
In science: We watched “Life Size” while playing board games.
In home ec.: We exchanged phone numbers and talked
In gym: Most of the people had home-room parties, but for the people like me who didn’t played games and/or talked. (I talked and texted people and played a board game.)


David Won

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Tonight was the “American Idol” season finally. During the show I was like, “David will win.” In the end… a David did win. In fact, the David I wanted to win won! GO DAVID COOK!!!!!!!


3 More Days

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The last day of school is in…. 3 DAYS!!!! In math class we are doing lame worksheets. In language arts we are doing a lame time capsule about things like “List your 5 favorite bands” and stuff like that. It said list at least 3 of your favorite books… so I listed 14. I would have done 20, but I found that too long of a list… (10 of those books are written by Scott Westerfeld, one is written by JK Rowling, and 3 are written by Stephanie Meyer.) We also need favorite movies and TV shows… She should have had favorite video games because Guitar Hero III would have won that category! Anyway… In Georgia Studies we were watching a movie about the Vietnam Memorial. I’ve been there! We finished the movie today, and it was a lame movie… it was a nice cause… but come on… the monument is 25 years old! In Science we are doing a lot of fun stuff. In Home Ec we are doing nothing. In gym we are doing… NOTHING! So my last two periods of the day we do nothing. Wow…



Awards Ceremony

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Tonight is the school’s awards ceremony. So… yeah… I will tell you what I win later… 

Update: I got an award for the Math Team. I also got one for Math Counts. Then I got one for getting all A’s all year long. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a little disappointed. In 6th grade I got “Outstanding 601 Math Student.” In 7th grade I got “Outstanding 701 Math Student.” This year Orin got “Outstanding Geometry Student” and “Outstanding 801 Language Arts Student” and “Outstanding 801 Science Student” and Math Team and all A’s and Spelling Bee winner and Academic Bowl Team and Science Olympiad Team and Science Fair and T. Hiram Stanley Award AND Principal’s Award. I think Orin shouldn’t have been able to win all those awards. If it weren’t for Orin, I would have been the Outstanding Geometry Student. My parents think I was robbed. I’m a little disappointed, even if one of my awards does spin!


Six Flags Over Georgia

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On Saturday I went to Six Flags Over Georgia. I was a little nervous because I’ve never been on an upside-down roller coaster before. When we got there, my first real ride was Goliath. That is the biggest/tallest roller coaster there. It doesn’t go upside-down, but it does go into the parking lot! Then I went on the Mind-Bender. That was my first upside-down roller coaster. Then I went on Batman. That was my first ride where my feet dangle and the track is above your head. Then I went on Superman. That ride was so much fun because you sit as if you are flying. When you go down a hill, it’s head first! Then I went on the Ninja. That ride had a bunch of loop-de-loops! Then I went on the Georgia Cyclone. That is just a wooden ride, but I was fun. Then I went on the Scorcher. That is a ride where you are standing/sitting at the same time. That had the most upside-downness than the other rides! Then my sister, dad, and sister’s boyfriend went on Goliath two more times while my mom and I played games. I won a small Tweedy bird and a medium red dragon I named Red Harry. (yes, from A Pup Named Scooby Doo.) I had so much fun that day. Since we got season passes, we are defiantly going at least 5 times during the summer. I can’t wait. Now I need to go to bed. It is 11:16 and I have school tomorrow.

But before I go, I wanted to say that I had about 7 hours of homework today. IT’S SUNDAY!!!!!!! 


Prom is Over

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PROM WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! At first I didn’t really dance that much, but as the night went on, I really got down! Man, those two hours went by fast! When they said that they were playing the last song I was like, “Already!?!?” Man… I might post a picture of me in my dress later…


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So tonight is the middle school prom! I have the cutest dress! Anyway… that is all…



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Umm… the title is misleading! Hahahaha! there is nothing to say “Whoooo!” about!!!!!! :mrgreen:



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Today we got our yearbooks, and I wanted to say this one thing: I AM IN THE YEARBOOK ELEVEN TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought you ought to know. *faints*

So, whoever caught that I totally stole that line from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone needs to get a life, and maybe find one for me…

Edit: I found another picture of me… that makes 12 times in the yearbook!!!!

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