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So tonight is the NJHS induction. I have to say these lines:

(lights a candle) The flame of this candle signifies the wisdom and high scholarship. First of the requirements for admission is scholarship. NJHS members have inquiring minds, a capacity for hard work, and an eagerness for knowledge. The members have been chosen first of all because of their high scholastic standings and their faithfulness to their studies. 

So, yeah. I was inducted last year, so that is why I have to say that stuff. Some of my friends are being inducted this year. Nathan, Ryan, Ebone, Graham, Sang, Peanut (Victoria), Katie, and these two sixth graders who I forgot their names are being inducted. So that’s pretty good. Nathan, Ryan, and Ebone are eighth graders, and Graham, Sang, Peanut, and Katie are seventh graders. 

In case you were wondering, NJHS stands for National Junior Honor Society. 

And also if you were wondering, Peanut got her nickname on the volleyball team for being the shortest one. (I was the second shortest…)


UPDATE: The induction is over, and it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. The only person that really messed up was Cody. (He had to say, “Wait.” and start over.) I actually wore a skirt to this thing. I saw a lot of my friends afterwards and they were goofing off, as usual. There was a line for punch and cookies, and Nathan went around the people. My mom said that was cheating. So that means a second after he was inducted, he cheated. Graham said that when it was my turn to light the candle he was thinking, “Let’s just exit the building now.” The sad truth is, so was my mom! They both thought I would burn down the place. Hey, I might be clusmy, but I do NOT burn things down! Anyway, I can’t wait to get out of this skirt…


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