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So today in Language Arts we did something uber fun! WE ATE CAKE!!!!!! It was extra credit if you brought in a cake, and I just so happened to… So there were four cakes, vanilla, home-made vanilla, oreo, and my cake (home-made chocolate). If you are wondering why cake would be extra credit for Language Arts, there was a reason. We were reading the Diary of Anne Frank. In the story, Meip brings the people in the secret Annex a cake. On the cake it said Peace in 1944. So our cakes had to say Peace in 1944. All 18 people in my Language Arts class ate all of the four cakes! Man, we are some pigs!!!!


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  1. Ashley~wa said,

    lol. We had 5 cakes. Including mine. What was funny about it was Ryan said he wanted a blue rose and I said I wanted a purple rose from my cake. Instead, I got the blue rose and he got the Purple one. But after class, I was really hyper. And I was in Mrs.Wilson’s room. and you know how she is. Bleh. And then i felt sick cause I had 3 pieces of cake. and then during gym tessa called me up and gave me a piece of her cake. so that made 4. and then we were really hyper and started to pick flowers and giggle alot. And ended up putting flowers in maddie’s hair!!XD that WAS a fun day^^

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