Six Flags Over Georgia

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On Saturday I went to Six Flags Over Georgia. I was a little nervous because I’ve never been on an upside-down roller coaster before. When we got there, my first real ride was Goliath. That is the biggest/tallest roller coaster there. It doesn’t go upside-down, but it does go into the parking lot! Then I went on the Mind-Bender. That was my first upside-down roller coaster. Then I went on Batman. That was my first ride where my feet dangle and the track is above your head. Then I went on Superman. That ride was so much fun because you sit as if you are flying. When you go down a hill, it’s head first! Then I went on the Ninja. That ride had a bunch of loop-de-loops! Then I went on the Georgia Cyclone. That is just a wooden ride, but I was fun. Then I went on the Scorcher. That is a ride where you are standing/sitting at the same time. That had the most upside-downness than the other rides! Then my sister, dad, and sister’s boyfriend went on Goliath two more times while my mom and I played games. I won a small Tweedy bird and a medium red dragon I named Red Harry. (yes, from A Pup Named Scooby Doo.) I had so much fun that day. Since we got season passes, we are defiantly going at least 5 times during the summer. I can’t wait. Now I need to go to bed. It is 11:16 and I have school tomorrow.

But before I go, I wanted to say that I had about 7 hours of homework today. IT’S SUNDAY!!!!!!! 


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  1. Rose-la said,

    I went on superman too. It was awsome!!!


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