3 More Days

Posted in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, School, Stuff n Junk at 7:46 PM by Amy~la

The last day of school is in…. 3 DAYS!!!! In math class we are doing lame worksheets. In language arts we are doing a lame time capsule about things like “List your 5 favorite bands” and stuff like that. It said list at least 3 of your favorite books… so I listed 14. I would have done 20, but I found that too long of a list… (10 of those books are written by Scott Westerfeld, one is written by JK Rowling, and 3 are written by Stephanie Meyer.) We also need favorite movies and TV shows… She should have had favorite video games because Guitar Hero III would have won that category! Anyway… In Georgia Studies we were watching a movie about the Vietnam Memorial. I’ve been there! We finished the movie today, and it was a lame movie… it was a nice cause… but come on… the monument is 25 years old! In Science we are doing a lot of fun stuff. In Home Ec we are doing nothing. In gym we are doing… NOTHING! So my last two periods of the day we do nothing. Wow…



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