3 Vids in 3 Days

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 12:25 AM by Amy~la

I was bored… So these videos were all put on YouTube in 3 days…



  1. Rose-la said,

    how do you go onto the next scene once your done with the first?
    I clicked finish but it did not do anything.

  2. Amy~la said,

    on your keyboard there is a prt scrn (print screen) button. press that button

    open up paint

    press ctrl (control) V

    then move the picture to the correct spot.

    then make the picture the correct size

    then save the picture

    if you need more help there are many videos on this topic on youtube.

  3. Rose-la said,

    K thanks! If I have anything else, I’ll ask you.

  4. Rose-La said,

    whats your address, I want to look you up on earth google.

  5. Rose-La said,

    Hey Ams, I was going through your blog from the very first comment and guess what? did you realize you created your amynicole blog on my B-Day? I’m touched!!!!!

    Gotta go. Dessert calls!

    Hah haha

  6. Rose-La said,

    you can e-mail me your address.

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