Posted in Harry Potter, Stuff n Junk at 5:35 PM by Amy~la

Last night I was listening to a podcast about Harry Potter, called MuggleCast, when I learned something truly disappointing. In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, there might not be a scene for Dumbledore’s funeral. I was disappointed about that because it would be truly awesome to see the centaurs shoot the arrows for respect and the merpeople pop out of the water and sing a song and the phoenix sings a truly wonderful song for Dumbledore and then disappears because its owner is dead. And then there was a suggestion made by someone. If they kept the scene when Draco is crying to Moaning Myrtle and Harry walks in and casts the Sectumsempra curse, would that make the movie rated R because it is such a bloody curse. It caused Draco to have the deep gushing cuts all over his body! If they kept that part in, but left out Dumbledore’s funeral, I will hurt someone! (Leave them both in please! But make the movie PG-13)

Note: This was my Slytherin post!!!!

P.S. I am watching Batman Begins right now, and I didn’t know that the kid Batman was afraid of bats! Thats ironic…


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