Posted in Stuff n Junk at 4:03 PM by Amy~la

It’s true! In Uglies, there was a weed that choked all the other crops so it was the only plant there. Well, as said here on Scott’s blog, the weeds might do that soon. And, in Specials, Tally and Shay distroyed the armory with nanos. Guess what… nanos are coming true too! And, in the Uglies trilogy, it was said that the Rusties (us) died out because of an oil-bug that went wrong. Now scientist found a bug that, when altered, eats waste and creates oil. I don’t want to be around when it goes wrong and makes all the oil spontaneously combust and kills everyone…

I can’t wait for hoverboards to come true… 



  1. Rose-La said,

    OMG!!!! That is so scary! or cool……I can’t decide!

    I can’t wait for hoverboards either!!!

  2. bookluver said,

    woah that is cool

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