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I know I said I wasn’t going to write any posts until after the 2nd, but so manythings has happened, that I must write about it. First, my laptop is not working. I am typing on the family computer right now. Second, the Half-Blood Prince trailer was premiered last night, and I love it! Third, the Breaking Dawn Quote of the day had me freaking out! Here is what it said…

Carlisle: “I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome.”

Ooh… does that mean that something goes wrong when Bella becomes a vampire, or does it mean something else? I guess I will find out in three days.

P.S. Last night I was thinking. (I know, it’s dangerous.) Well I am currently re-reading Eclipse, and I was wondering about something. Edward loves Bella because of her many human qualities. What if Bella turns into a vampire, and Edward doesn’t love her anymore!

P.P.S. The spell check doesn’t recognise Carlisle as a word!



August 2nd

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I WILL NOT WRITE ANY MORE POSTS UNTIL AFTER AUGUST 2ND! (I might break this rule on August 1st…)


The Dark Knight

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I just saw Batman: The Dark Knight. During the beginning I couldn’t see why the movie was getting so many good reviews, but towards the middle I was in total fear. I was sitting with my feet in the air, hugging one leg. I just wish the people next to me hadn’t yelled out who was the other bad guy. (I’m not going into details because I don’t want to be the one to spoil it for you.)

If you want to be spoiled, or have seen the movie, hilight between the arrows.
> I wasn’t expecting for Rachael to die. I thought that they would save both of them. There was a group of people next to me that was talking and they spoiled the whole Harvey Dent/Two-Face thing. <

I Changed My Mind

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Warning: Another Twilight Post! (I feel like I have to put that warning because I am in major Twilight mode because I so want Breaking Dawn right now…)

I changed my mind about a lot of things in the Twilight universe. One thing I changed my mond about is who I will be at the Breaking Dawn release party. First I was going to put a fake cast on my leg and be Bella. Then I was going to wear a black cloak and be Jane. Then I was going to wear the outfit that Heidi was wearing. (Heidi was the vampire that lead the people down to the Volturi to be eaten.) Then I realized that I didn’t own an outfit like that. So then I was going to be Alice. Then I realized I didn’t look like Alice. So then I decided to be Kim. Kim is only in one chapter in Eclipse. (chapter 11) She is the girl that Jared imprinted upon. For that outfit, I would just have to waer my normal clothes and have a spiral-bound notebook with a pen, ready to take notes on the werewolf stories. Kim is my final choice. (But I might go back to the fake cast thing… the one I made looks almost real…)

Another thing I changed my mind on is the actors that play Bella and Edward. When I first saw that Robert Pattinson was going to be playing Edward, I was like “But when I see the movie I’ll be wondering where Harry is!” And when I saw that Kristen Stewart was going to be Bella I just kept repeating “No, no, no, no, no.” Now that I saw the teaser trailers and a bunch of photos, I couldn’t be happier over the selection of Bella and Edward! (And Robert won’t have me thinking Harry Potter…)

The final thing I changed my mind about is Jacob. When I read the books the first time, I was 100% Team Edward. No, I am not saying I am Team Jacob now. (I’m still Team Edward… sort of…) When I first read Eclipse, I wanted Jacob dead. Now that I have re-read the books, I am Team Switzerland. (If you don’t know what that means, then you are not a Twilight fan!) And even though I am Team Switzerland, I am not totally 50/50. I am more 40 Jacob/60 Edward.

Wow… this is my longest post in a long time!

(If you don’t count this part, this post is 411 words long!)

I Be Slow

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I was looking at the Breaking Dawn Quote of the day page on Stephenie Meyer’s website. I looked at the start date, and I just realized they started on July 12, the date of my birthday. So the first quote was posted on my birthday. (I just realized that. So I must be slow.)



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Movies and Books

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Today I was saying that The Dark Night was the only movie that I have to go see. Then I said that there are two other movies that I have to go see, but one comes out in november, and the other comes out in December. Then my dad asked what those movies were. My mom said that the November one was Harry Potter but she said that the December one was Extras or something. I said it was Twilight. Then my mom asked if they were in the same series (Extras and Twilight). I said no, they aren’t even writen by the same person. Then my mom said that she couldn’t keep track of all my books. I can’t really blame her, but she should know that Extras isn’t even a vapire novel, it’s about an opperation you get at the age of 16. (Or 15 if your city is like Japan.)

I Have a Question…

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In Georgia, school starts on August 11th. That means the tax-free weekend is July 13-August 3. Breaking Dawn is a book that comes out on August 2nd… Is that part of the tax-free items? (Just curious because my mom said I would have to buy the book with my own money, like I had to do with New Moon and Eclipse. (I got Twilight for my birthday last year.) But then again I do have over $300… So I guess I could buy the book myself.


You Kids Like Jazz?

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I found a series of funny videos on YouTube! (The fourth one is the best, so please watch all of them!)
Warning: episode 4 has some wordy dirds! (Dirty words… meaning the f word…)





Edward or Jacob?

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I was listening to episode 3 of Imprint (a Twilight podcast) when my favorite Imprinter (Laura) said something I totally disagree with. She yelled out “TEAM JACOB!” When I heard that I gasped and said, “No, Laura, Edward.” I knew she couldn’t hear me, but I absolutely despise Jacob. (I started hating him when Bella realized she loves him.) So now I am curious to how many people are team Jacob. So, if you are reading this and you have read the Twilight Saga, please say what team you are on. So your four choices are Edward, Jacob, Switzerland (Neutral), and neither.

P.S. A pole on a website said that 12% of Twilight fans are Team Jacob… I wanted to test that…


Hollywood East TV

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There is this great new web site called Hollywood East TV. There you can put up videos, pictures, have a blog, and talk to other people! Plus, there is this great video called New Kids on the Rock staring Neil Cicierega, Kevin James, and Ryan Murphy. I have my own page, but it isn’t that good…

Hollywood East TV can be found here.

New Kids on the Rock can be found here.

My page can be found here.


August 1st and 2nd

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Today I was thinking that i couldn’t wait for August 2nd. Then I looked at the calendar to see how many days until Breaking Dawn, and I noticed that on the 1st there is a new moon.  Then I was on the Internet to look up the closest Breaking Dawn party near me, and I saw that there is also an eclipse on the 1st. Some things are not coincidences! At the beginning of the summer I was bummed that I would have to wait for August 2nd for the book, but now I see that is the perfect day for it to come out! (I just wish school didn’t start on the 11th.)

Tubing and Vampires

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Yesterday and the day before that I went tubing with my cousins Michael and Shane and my sister Jennifer. On the first day I was the only one who didn’t fall out of their tube. The second day was another story. The ride was rougher than the first day on the second day. I fell out enough times for both days! (Along with a couple of flips.) On the last ride there was this huge wave. I flew out of my tube, flew over four feet in the air, and then splashed into the water. It was the best part of the day! But now that I am back home, I am so sore!

P.S. My cousin Michael was talking about garlicy foods and my cousin Shane said at least the vampires would stay away. Then I was like in the books I read garlic doesn’t work on vampires. Then he was like what books do you read, like Eclipse? The funny thing is I just finished that book today! (I re-read the series before Breaking Dawn comes out.)


North Carolina

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This weekend I am at my aunt Ceary’s house in North Carolina. Uhh… that’s it…


Heroes: Villains

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I cannot wait for Heroes season three! In one of the commericals for it, Claire (the cheerleader) holds a gun up to Peter and says “Sorry Peter, I’ve always loved you.” Then the TV goes black and you hear a gun shot! I think that’s a little ironic because in real life they are dating, but on the TV show he is her uncle… And Syler is back! He was the main bad guy in season one, and in season two he lost his powers, but in season three his powers are back! But there are more villains, hence the name of this season is Villains…

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